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How to withdraw money from forex royale app?


Forex Royale is a popular trading app that allows users to trade forex and other financial instruments. One of the key features of Forex Royale is the ability to withdraw money from the app. In this article, we will explain how to withdraw money from Forex Royale in detail.

Step 1: Login to your Forex Royale account

To withdraw money from Forex Royale, you first need to login to your account. Open the app and enter your login credentials (username and password). If you don’t have an account, you need to create one by signing up.


Step 2: Select the ‘Withdrawal’ option

Once you are logged in, you need to select the ‘Withdrawal’ option from the app menu. This option is usually located in the ‘My Account’ section or the ‘Wallet’ section of the app.

Step 3: Choose the withdrawal method

Forex Royale offers several withdrawal methods to its users. These methods include bank transfer, credit/debit card, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. You need to choose the withdrawal method that suits you best. Keep in mind that different withdrawal methods have different processing times and fees.

Step 4: Enter the withdrawal amount

After you have selected the withdrawal method, you need to enter the amount you want to withdraw. Forex Royale has a minimum withdrawal limit, which varies depending on the withdrawal method. Make sure you meet the minimum limit before you proceed with the withdrawal request.

Step 5: Confirm the withdrawal request

Once you have entered the withdrawal amount, you need to confirm the withdrawal request. Review the details carefully before you confirm the request. If you are satisfied with the details, click on the ‘Withdraw’ button to submit the request.

Step 6: Wait for the withdrawal to be processed

After you have submitted the withdrawal request, you need to wait for it to be processed. The processing time varies depending on the withdrawal method. Bank transfers usually take the longest time, while e-wallets and cryptocurrency withdrawals are usually processed faster.

Step 7: Receive the money

Once the withdrawal request is processed, you will receive the money in your selected withdrawal method. The money will be credited to your bank account, e-wallet, or credit/debit card, depending on the withdrawal method you chose.


Withdrawing money from Forex Royale is a simple process. You need to login to your account, select the withdrawal option, choose the withdrawal method, enter the amount, confirm the request, and wait for the money to be processed. Keep in mind that different withdrawal methods have different processing times and fees. If you have any issues with the withdrawal process, you can contact Forex Royale’s customer support for assistance.