How to use forex fury?


Forex Fury is a popular automated trading software that is designed to help traders make profitable trades in the forex market. It is a powerful tool that can help you increase your trading profits and minimize your losses. In this article, we will explain how to use Forex Fury to maximize your trading success.

Step 1: Download and Install Forex Fury

The first step to using Forex Fury is to download and install the software. You can download the software from the official Forex Fury website. Once you have downloaded the software, follow the installation instructions to install the software on your computer.


Step 2: Configure Forex Fury

After installing Forex Fury, you need to configure it to suit your trading preferences. The software comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize its settings. The settings include the trading pairs you want to trade, the trading time frames, the risk level, and the lot size.

Step 3: Connect Forex Fury to a Forex Broker

To use Forex Fury, you will need to connect it to a forex broker. You can choose any forex broker that is compatible with the software. Forex Fury supports a wide range of forex brokers, including IC Markets, FXCM, and Pepperstone. Once you have selected a broker, you need to provide your login credentials to connect the software to the broker.

Step 4: Start Trading with Forex Fury

After configuring the settings and connecting to a forex broker, you can start trading with Forex Fury. The software will automatically analyze the market and place trades on your behalf. Forex Fury uses advanced algorithms and technical indicators to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Step 5: Monitor Your Trades

While Forex Fury does all the trading for you, it is important to monitor your trades regularly. This will help you to identify any potential issues and make adjustments to the settings if necessary. You can monitor your trades using the software’s dashboard or by logging into your forex broker’s platform.

Step 6: Optimize Your Settings

To maximize your trading success with Forex Fury, you need to optimize your settings. This involves adjusting the settings to suit your trading preferences and market conditions. You can use the software’s backtesting feature to test different settings and identify the most profitable ones.

Step 7: Withdraw Your Profits

When you start making profits with Forex Fury, it is important to withdraw your profits regularly. This will help you to minimize your risk and avoid losing your profits. You can withdraw your profits using your forex broker’s platform.


Forex Fury is a powerful automated trading software that can help you make profitable trades in the forex market. To use the software, you need to download and install it, configure the settings, connect to a forex broker, start trading, monitor your trades, optimize your settings, and withdraw your profits. By following these steps, you can maximize your trading success with Forex Fury.