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How to transfer money to bank through forex card?

Forex cards have become extremely popular in recent years due to their ease of use and convenience. They are prepaid cards that can be loaded with foreign currency, allowing you to make purchases or withdraw cash while abroad. One of the most significant advantages of a forex card is that it offers a hassle-free way to transfer money to your bank account.

Here’s how to transfer money to bank through a forex card:

Step 1: Check the balance on your forex card

Before you can transfer funds to your bank account, you need to check the balance on your forex card. Most forex card issuers have an online portal where you can log in and view your card balance, transaction history, and other details. Alternatively, you can check the balance by calling the customer care number provided by the issuer.


Step 2: Determine the amount you want to transfer

Once you have checked the balance on your forex card, you need to decide how much money you want to transfer to your bank account. The amount that you can transfer may be limited by the issuer, so make sure you are aware of any restrictions before proceeding.

Step 3: Initiate the transfer

To initiate the transfer, you will need to log in to the online portal provided by your forex card issuer. Look for an option that says “transfer funds to bank account” or something similar. Follow the prompts and enter the amount that you want to transfer.

Step 4: Provide bank details

As part of the transfer process, you will need to provide the details of the bank account where you want the funds to be transferred. This will typically include the account number, the name of the account holder, and the IFSC code of the bank branch. Make sure you double-check the details before submitting them to avoid any errors.

Step 5: Confirm the transfer

Once you have entered all the necessary details, you will be asked to confirm the transfer. Check the amount, bank details, and any other relevant information before clicking the “confirm” button. The transfer will usually be processed within a few business days, depending on the forex card issuer and the bank you are transferring the funds to.

Tips for transferring money to bank through forex card

1. Check the exchange rate: Forex cards may have varying exchange rates, so make sure you check the rate before loading the card or transferring funds.

2. Check the fees: Forex card issuers may charge fees for transferring funds to a bank account, so make sure you are aware of any fees before initiating the transfer.

3. Plan ahead: Transferring funds from a forex card to a bank account can take several business days, so make sure you plan ahead and transfer funds well in advance of when you need them.

4. Keep your card secure: Always keep your forex card and its details secure to avoid any unauthorized transactions.

In conclusion, transferring money to a bank through a forex card is a simple and convenient process. By following the steps outlined above and keeping these tips in mind, you can transfer funds quickly and securely. Whether you are traveling abroad or sending money to someone overseas, a forex card can be an excellent option for hassle-free money transfers.


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