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How to load money to forex card?

A forex card, also known as a travel card, is a prepaid card that is issued to travelers to carry foreign currency during their trip. It is a convenient and safe way to carry money while traveling abroad. Forex cards can be loaded with different currencies, and the balance can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. In this article, we will discuss how to load money to a forex card.

Step 1: Choose a forex card provider

The first step in loading money to a forex card is to choose a provider. There are many forex card providers in the market, and it is essential to choose a reliable one. Some of the popular forex card providers are Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India.


Step 2: Select the currency and amount

Once you have chosen a forex card provider, the next step is to select the currency and the amount you want to load. Most forex card providers offer the option to load multiple currencies on a single card. You can select the currencies you will need during your trip and load the amount accordingly.

Step 3: Submit the documents

Before loading money to a forex card, you need to submit the required documents. The documents required may vary from one provider to another, but typically, you will need to submit your passport, visa, and air ticket. You may also need to provide additional documents such as proof of address, PAN card, or bank statements.

Step 4: Make the payment

After submitting the documents, you can make the payment to load money to your forex card. Most forex card providers offer multiple payment options such as online banking, debit card, credit card, or NEFT. You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you.

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation

Once you have made the payment, you need to wait for the confirmation from your forex card provider. The confirmation will include the details of the loaded amount and the currencies. It may take a few hours to a few days for the confirmation, depending on the provider.

Step 6: Use the forex card

After the confirmation, you can use the forex card to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. Forex cards are widely accepted, and you can use them at most merchants and ATMs that accept Visa or Mastercard. You can also check the balance on your forex card online or through the provider’s mobile app.


Loading money to a forex card is a simple and convenient process. By following the above steps, you can easily load money to your forex card and use it during your trip abroad. Forex cards offer several benefits such as safety, convenience, and flexibility, and they are an excellent alternative to carrying cash or using credit cards while traveling. It is essential to choose a reliable forex card provider and ensure that you have submitted all the required documents before loading money to your card.


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