How long does fnb forex payment take?


FNB, short for First National Bank, is a leading financial institution in South Africa that offers a variety of banking services to its clients. One of the services offered by FNB is forex payments, which allow clients to transfer money from their accounts to international recipients.

Forex payments are used for various purposes, including paying for goods and services, sending money to family and friends, and investing in foreign markets. However, one of the most common questions asked by FNB clients is how long it takes for forex payments to be processed.


The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the payment method used, the recipient’s location, and the time of day the payment is made. Generally, FNB forex payments can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to process.

Payment methods

FNB offers several payment methods for forex payments, including electronic funds transfer (EFT), SWIFT transfers, and PayPal. The processing times for these methods vary, with EFT and PayPal being the fastest and SWIFT transfers taking longer.

EFT payments are usually processed within 24 hours, with some payments being processed instantly. This is because EFT payments are made locally, and there is no need for the payment to be routed through international banks.

SWIFT transfers, on the other hand, can take anywhere from two to five business days to be processed. This is because SWIFT transfers are international payments that require routing through several banks before reaching the recipient’s account.

PayPal payments are also processed quickly, usually within 24 hours. However, PayPal charges a fee for forex payments, which can make it an expensive option for larger payments.

Recipient’s location

The location of the recipient can also affect the processing time for FNB forex payments. Payments to countries with robust banking systems, such as the United States and Europe, are usually processed faster than payments to countries with less developed banking systems.

Payments to African countries can take longer to process, depending on the recipient’s bank and the currency used. Some African countries require payments to be made in their local currency, which can add an extra layer of complexity to the payment process.

Time of day

The time of day the payment is made can also affect the processing time for FNB forex payments. Payments made during business hours are usually processed faster than payments made outside of business hours.

This is because banks and payment processors work during business hours, and payments made outside of these hours may not be processed until the next business day.


In conclusion, FNB forex payments can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to be processed, depending on several factors. Payment methods, recipient location, and time of day can all affect the processing time for forex payments.

Clients should consider these factors when making forex payments and plan accordingly. It is also important to check for any fees associated with forex payments, as these can add to the cost of the payment.

Overall, FNB’s forex payment service is a convenient way for clients to transfer money internationally. By understanding the factors that affect processing time, clients can make informed decisions about their forex payments and ensure that they arrive at their destination in a timely manner.