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This service offers a comprehensive, specialized and varied selection of courses in video format for traders who wish to consolidate their learning process by diving into deeper and more extended content material on specific themes. Main Features Trading Methodology Psychology & Behavioral Trading Fundamental & Directional Bias Breakout Trending & Ranging Trading Elliot Wave Theory and Applications Leverage & Margin Fibonacci Theory and Applications Volume & Relational Trading Price Action & Solid Charting Portfolio Diversification Candlestick & Chart Patterns Trading Specialized Markets Risk Management and Position Sizing Trading With Technical Indicators

Leverage v. Margin

We explain you the differences between these two important concepts, and provide you with the foundations of professional risk management. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

Trading Price Momentum

Learn all about one of the most relevant price features: momentum. This will improve your decision-making process regarding the proper timing to close your positions [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""

Market Volume Analysis

Learn the foundations of (market) volume as a trading technical tool: how to draw it on a live chart, its appliance in relation to divergences and price cycles, as well

Fundamental Analysis Part II

We take you deeper into fundamental analysis by covering the most relevant peices of economic data; we also elaborate on its importance relative to professional risk management. [video width="1920" height="1080"

Psychology Trading Factor

Mind restrain” and “sticking to the plan” rules are the foundations of risk management. This course will show you how psychology is the primary conditioning factor when you trade. Also

Applying Fibonacci Part II

In the second delivery on Fibonacci, we willm show you how to apply a diverse set of techniques that will enrich your trading profile to a real professional level. [video

Ranging Markets

Ranging markets are both frequent and highly profitable. This course will provide you with the best techniques to identify and trade under ranging price conditions. Learn ranges in the context

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio diversification, backed up with a solid comprehension of correlation forces is as complex as useful when keeping risk tight. This course will show you how institutions really trade! [video

Types of Markets -Part III: Commodities

If you are primarly a Forex trader, understanding the commodity markets will not only help you enhance portfolio diversification but most importantly, it will serve you as a proxy of

Price Cycle: Consolidation

Trading price consolidation phases is not only exciting but very lucrative. However, assessing timing, intensity, lenght and key levels require training and experience; after watching this course, you will be