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Bitcoin Keeps Bleeding, The Next Days Are Crucial

Crypto Price Predictions: Bitcoin is trading in the red and resumes yesterday’s bearish candle. If you’ll read my editorials you’ll see that I’ve talked about a retreat after the temporary rebound. The crypto has failed to make a valid breakout above the near-term resistance levels, that’s why the bears have taken the lead and are driving the price down.

Everyone wants to know what will happen with Bitcoin because a major drop will drag the other cryptocurrencies down. Bitcoin approaches two crucial support levels, a valid breakdown will signal a further drop towards fresh new lows.


As I’ve mentioned in the previous weeks, we may have another drop before the rate will really start a broader upside movement. Bitcoin needs to recapture more directional energy to be able to increase again and to give birth to a major leg higher.


Bitcoin drops after the failure to breakout above the red downtrend line and above the third warning line (wl3) of the former descending pitchfork. Actually, we had a strong confluence formed by the wl3 with the downtrend line and with the SL2.

The price failed to stay above the 50% Fibonacci line, so the current retreat is natural. It remains to see how long it will be because it has tried to take out the dynamic resistance from the third warning line (wl3).

The next hours will tell us if today’s drop will represent only a retest of the broken warning line (wl3). It approaches the lower median line (LML), where it could find temporary support. The major downside target remains at the outside sliding parallel line (SL). I’ve said that it could come back down to test and retest the mentioned support levels before it will climb higher again.

However, a valid breakdown below the SL will confirm a further drop towards the 5000 psychological level.

You can notice that Bitcoin is trapped within a triangle, so only a breakout from this pattern will give us a great trading opportunity. Personally, I would like to see a false breakdown below the LML or below the SL and a failure to reach the downside line of the chart pattern, then we could think about a broader upside movement.

A major upward movement will be confirmed by a valid breakout above the downtrend line. Another leg higher will bring us great returns if we’ll go long on Bitcoin after a valid breakout above the red downtrend line. This scenario will take shape only if the sliding parallel line (SL) will hold.

Crypto Price Predictions Conclusion

You should stay away for now because anything could happen in the short term. Personally, I believe that we may have a great trading opportunity soon. Right now we have to let the market to play its role and to step in only after a confirmation.


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