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Two MA Crossover Indicator Review

Two MA Crossover is a trading indicator that was published on the mql5 website by developer Thushara Dissanayake in December of 2017. It was last updated to version 1.5 in November of 2018.


Two MA Crossover is an alert system that attaches to MT4 charts and notifies traders of “buy” or “sell” signals when it detects moving average crossovers based on the user’s settings. It is based on the well-known Moving Average Crossover trading strategy, which looks for periods when a short-term moving average crosses above or below a long-term one to define a short-term trend. Many of its features focus on the alert settings that are available with sound on mobile, email and pop-up alerts. Additional email alerts can be set for time-frame, bid, ask, signal, spread, account balance, and several other options.

Service Cost

This indicator can be rented for the low price of $10 USD for an entire year, or purchased for $30. It comes with 50 activations, which should be enough to last a lifetime (most standard indicators only allow 5 total activations). The author does promote an automated EA named Crossover action and an indicator named Three MA Alert, both of which would work well with this product. If you’re interested, both can be rented for $10 a year or purchased for $30, the same as with this product. Free demo versions are also available for each product.


Two MA Crossover was designed to provide traders with buy/sell notifications when it detects moving average crossovers, which detect short-term trends. Naturally, this indicator is intended for those that don’t want to miss market events and that are familiar with the Moving Average Crossover trading strategy. If you’re curious about feedback, take a look at what this user has to say:

“PERFECT! This indicator works really well in combination with my strategy.” -John

The product’s 5-star rating is only based on two reviews, so do keep that in mind. We would only recommend renting/buying this indicator if you are familiar with the concept behind it, or to consider purchasing the inexpensive EA if you don’t want to do all of the trading manually. Either way, this is a useful product that seems to do its job effectively.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:

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