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Ripple Breakout In Play

  • Ripple breakout needs confirmation.
  • ETP/USD still under pressure.
  • EOS could resume the short-term rebound.


The major cryptocurrencies have found a temporary resistance in the yesterday’s trading session and have slipped lower. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple are still expected to climb much higher in the upcoming period, despite the minor retreat. I’ve said in the yesterday’s daily report that the main cryptos could come back down to test and retest some support levels before will start to increase again.


The coin changed little in the early morning, but this decrease is natural after the breakout above a dynamic resistance. Ripple is trading at 0.65254 right now and could register an impressive upside movement after the integration with banks and traditional financial institutions.

Ripple dropped by 2.62%, but personally, I’m still expecting to see a bullish momentum soon as the rate has managed to jump in the buyer’s territory.

Price has finally managed to break out above the downtrend line. However, the breakout needs confirmation because this could be a false one if the rate will drop significantly in the upcoming hours.

Ripple increased in the last days from the 0.45410 low and after the minor accumulation. It is premature to talk about a larger upside movement as long the Bitcoin and Ethereum are still sluggish.

The rate is trading much above the 0.57210 static support (resistance has turned into support) and above the lower median line (lml) of the ascending pitchfork. Ripple could come back down to test the lower median line (lml). A rejection from this dynamic support or a false breakdown will send the rate towards the median line (ml). Minor resistance could be found at the downside 50% Fibonacci line as well. You should know that the perspective remains bullish on the short term as long as the rate remains within the ascending pitchfork’s body.


The EOS increased by 4.12%, reaching the $8.60 again after the minor corrective phase. We have a $6 866 517 270 market capitalization and a $626 057 000 daily trading volume. The crypto could become strongly bullish soon.  We may have a great trading opportunity on the EOS/USD if the price will have enough directional energy to stabilize somewhere above the 10.00 psychological level.

EOS/USD rallied today and reached the median line (ml) of the ascending pitchfork. It has come down to retest the broken upper median line (UML) of the major descending pitchfork and now tries to resume the upside movement.

A valid breakout above the median line (ml) and above the 9.00 psychological level will signal a further increase. Technically, it will be expected to climb towards the upper median line (uml) if it will close above the $10 level. EOS could find temporary resistance at the 50% Fibonacci line and at the 150% Fibonacci line.


Metaverse increased by 57.52% in the last 7-days, but unfortunately, it remains under some selling pressure. Price failed to reach and retest two important resistance levels and now slipped below the 1.00 psychological level.

ETP/USD registered humble gains today and could resume the yesterday’s bearish candle. Price moves in a range between the 0.5705 and 1.1105 levels. It has failed to reach the lower median line (lml) and the 1.1105 level, signaling a minor exhaustion and a potential drop.

Only a valid breakout from the minor sideways movement and above the lower median line (lml) will confirm a significant increase.


XRP/USD, EOS/USD and the ETP/USD have decreased in the yesterday’s trading session and now are fighting hard to stay higher. We need confirmations all the analyzed crypto pairs before we can say for sure that the rates will reach fresh new highs.

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