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Master Crypto Trading With The Cup & Handle Formation Part 2!

Master Crypto Trading With The Cup & Handle Formation Part 2!

Make money in Crypto by spotting the Cup and Handle pattern – part 2/2

Picking a Profit Target

Determining the profit target is quite simple with this pattern; all you need to do is add the height of the cup to the point of breakout.
There will be times when the left side of the cup is a slightly different height than the right side. In this case, you should use the smaller height to stay on the conservative side, or the larger height for an aggressive approach.

In addition to using the cup and handle formation, you can use the Fibonacci extension indicator to create a great crypto trading strategy (as seen on the chart). Draw the extension tool from the low of the cup to the high on the right side of the cup. Then, connect the tool down to the handle low. The 1, or 100%, level represents a conservative price target, while the 1.618, or 162%, and represents a very aggressive target. The possible targets can then be placed anywhere in between 1 and 1.618.

Things to consider

Traditionally, the cup has a pause at the bottom of the cup built in the formation, where it moves sideways or forms a rounded bottom. This movement shows that the price found a support level and will not drop below it. However, this pattern can also have a so-called V-bottom.
A V-bottom occurs when the price drops and then sharply rallies. Some traders like trading this form of a cup and handle, while others do not. The argument of V-bottom traders is that the sharp reversal of the downtrend shows that buyers stepped in aggressively, signaling strength. Opponents of the V-bottom say that the price didn’t stabilize before bottoming, therefore making the price unstable and susceptible to retesting the level.
When trading this pattern, always look for additional confirmation. It can be found by looking for the bottom of the cup and seeing if it aligns with a longer-term support level. Consider using indicators and tools to determine the support and resistance levels and check if they align or interfere with the cup and handle targets.

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