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Exclusive Bollinger Professional Indicator Review

Exclusive Bollinger is a trading indicator that was created by the multi-product author Evgeny Belyaev. The original version (3.0) was launched on the mql5 marketplace in July of 2017.


Exclusive Bollinger is based on the classic Bollinger Bands indicator, with some improvements. The method focuses on price and volatility, in order to identify entry and exit points, with one primary use being to identify overbought and oversold conditions. This method isn’t perfect, as it focuses on some information while ignoring other important factors that need to be considered for the trades. The developer of this indicator has made improvements to the signals so that false signals are minimized, and added in more flexible settings that make it possible to use the product with different trading strategies, especially scalping. Here are a few other key facts:

  • Compatible with world’s favorite trading platform, MetaTrader 4
  • Works on any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, binary options)
  • Works on all timeframes
  • Does not repaint
  • Alarm notifications

Service Cost

A few separate pricing options are available:

  • Rent for one month for $14 USD
  • Rent for three months for $25 USD
  • Purchase for $31.95 USD

Free demo accounts are also available.


Exclusive Bollinger makes some improvements to the classic Bollinger Bands trading strategy by minimizing false signals and adding in extra settings so that the indicator works with more trading strategies. Although this method isn’t the most reliable, other users have found great results using this product, with 5/5 users providing a 5-star rating. We found the following comments to be informative:

“It gives excellent signals; I will say at least 75% on the accurate side. I use it with Advance Stochastics to confirm. It’s excellent to pick top and bottoms! recommended!” -Rafael

“The most reliable scalping indicator I’ve come across.” -mxp1

According to these users, the product works as intended, but you may want to use an additional indicator, as recommended by the first reviewer. Exclusive Bollinger works best to identify overbought/oversold conditions, and scalping strategies work best with this indicator, although others will work as well. This indicator seems to be a good choice if it works with your trading style & strategy.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:

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