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Ways to Completely Revamp Your General Forex Strategy


When you have been trading for a while, you will most likely come across some rough patches, or times where you simply do not think that your strategy is still good enough. Due to this, we will often have to try and change a few things to try and stir things back up and to make a few adjustments. Sometimes, however, you will need to completely revamp your strategy, a complete overhaul to make things more successful. So let’s take a look at some of the things that we can do in order to revamp our strategy and to bring back that spark that it once had before.

Start Over

Sometimes things can become very stale, if you feel your strategy has come to the end of its life then there are still things that you are able to do to try and revamp it. One of those things is to start again from the bottom up. Start with the foundations of your strategy, try and rebuild it based on the current market conditions, this way it will once again suit the conditions of the markets. This may seem a little extreme, starting over completely, but that is one of the ways that you can really tailor your strategy to the current market conditions and one of the ways that you can ensure that it will have the best opportunity to be successful in those market conditions.

Test A New Asset

Sometimes you do not need to actually change or revamp your strategy, instead, you can simply change the asset or currency pair that you are going to be trading. This can put some new life into an already established strategy that you may be using. This once again will enable you to feel as if things are a little fresher even without making any changes. You never know, maybe the strategy will be far more successful on the new strategy than it currently is on the asset that you are trading. So consider this as an option as well as making changes to your current strategy.

Make Subtle Changes

Sometimes you do not need to make large changes, a simple change to one of the parameters or the rules that you use with the strategy could be enough, part of using a strategy is that you need to keep making small adjustments as you go. As the market conditions change, so does your strategy, but the changes do not need to be large. These regular small updates are all things that will ultimately add up to larger changes, so after a year or so of very small changes, the strategy could resemble something that has pretty much nothing in common with the initial strategy that was created. That is the beauty of the small changes, it will create large or completely revamped strategies without needing to spend a long time at once totally changing it up at the same time.

Make Changes to Risk Management

A major part of any strategy is risk management. This is what can potentially make or break a strategy and is the last line of defense for your account balance. Sometimes all you need to do in order to completely revamp your strategy is to change up the risk management that you are using. This may be a change to your risk and reward ratio, a change to the positions of your stop losses, or take profits. Or it could be a change to the size of our trades or even the amount of trades that you place at once. Whatever the change is, be sure to test it first and to ensure that your account always remains safe. Also remember, if your changes to risk management mean that you don’t make as much, you can very easily revert back to the previous plans that you were using.

Be Dynamic

The markets are constantly changing, they are dynamic and will have multiple different trading conditions throughout the year, there will be slow times and there will be times of higher volatility. Due to this, your strategy needs to be dynamic in order to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions. As the markets change, you will need to make adaptations, both big and small changes in order to keep the strategy in line with the markets. This could be changed to your stop-loss levels, your trade sizes, the currencies that you trade, the number of trades being made, and pretty much anything else. Remember that you don’t need to make big changes, but keep track of what the markets are doing, and adapt your strategy and your trading to it.

Look Within

One thing that you also need to do in relation to our strategy, instead of thinking about changing your strategy, there may be something within you that you need to change yourself, or something that you currently do like a bad habit that you need to change. The strategy may actually be working fine, but there is something that you are doing that is causing the issues, or at least reducing the profitability of your trading. So look back at your journal, look back at the trades that you have made in order to ensure that you are following your strategy properly and to help find any bad habits that you may be partaking in, nip those in the bud and your trading will improve without having to make any changes to your trading strategy.

There are many ways that you can change or revamp your strategy, sometimes you only need very small and subtle changes, other times, depending on the market conditions you may need to change the entire thing or even try a new strategy completely. What is important is that you take it one step at a time, and ensure that you are comfortable with the changes, if you are changing something that takes you out of your comfort zone or potentially reduces the profitability of your strategy then there may not be a good reason for making the change. Do not be afraid to make changes though, if one is needed, then it is most likely for the best that you make that change, no after how small it may seem.


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