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Vader Forex Robot Review

The Vader Forex Robot was brought to us by the same team that created the Odin trading bot. This automatic system offers several features that support truly hands-off trading with a 100% advertised profit rate.


Vader is an automated forex robot that combines Fibonacci sequencing with grid trading. Fibonacci levels are typically used to find levels of price support and resistance on forex charts; however, Vader turns these into unique entry and exit thresholds. The program also claims to keep brokers that are trading against you in the dark by hiding its TP and SL levels internally to avoid stop hunts. Here are a few more features that come with the system:

  • Easy installation
  • Designed to run unattended; fully equipped to handle every aspect of trading
  • Overbought/oversold reentries
  • Used by more than 1,000 traders on a daily basis
  • Works with more than 20 pairs
  • Easy drag and drop installation
  • Uses automatic stop loss and take profit levels based on a unique algorithm
  • Supports mini, micro, and full lots and automatically calculates the best size to use based on the account’s equity

Service Cost

When we checked out Vader Forex Robot’s website, a countdown timer informed us that the “lowest price ever” for the product was being offered for the next 17 hours. This is likely a marketing ploy to make traders hurry up and buy the robot, but there’s good news. The initial price seems to be $199, but the markdown price is only $99, so you shouldn’t have to pay more than $200 for this system depending on any special discounts. Do note that a $5,000 deposit is required for your trading account.


The Vader Forex Robot offers a unique, hands-off experience that can benefit entry-level traders, alongside more professional traders that just don’t have the time to sit in front of their computer analyzing charts and trading continuously. We see some interesting features built-into this program, like internally hidden TP and SL levels, a unique algorithm for calculating TP and SL levels, automatic calculation of the best lot size to use, and so on. The initial price of the robot is fairly low for this type of product, especially considering that it can run fully unattended, but you will need a $5K minimum deposit for the robot to work. Otherwise, this is a great system for beginners that seems to back up some of its claims of being profitable and convenient.


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