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TriumphFX Review

Triumph FX is an international forex and CFD broker, it is registered in a number of different places including the British Virgin Islands and Vanuatu. Their commitments are to maintain a long term relationship with their clients by offering efficient services. Throughout this review, we will be looking at the services being offered to see if they are able to do that and also so you can decide if they are the right broker for you.


Account Types

There are 5 different account types on offer along with 2 different Islamic account types, we will now outline the different requirements and features of each account type.

Standard Fixed: The account requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open, it has a fixed spread starting from 1.6 pips. There are no added commissions on this count and the maximum leverage is up to 1:500. The account is able to use the community trading features as well as referral rebates, trader rebates and something called Lot of Rewards.

Standard Variable: The account requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open, it has a variable spread starting from 1.6 pips. There are no added commissions on this count and the maximum leverage is up to 1:500. The account is able to use the community trading features as well as referral rebates, trader rebates and something called Lot of Rewards.

Premium: The premium account increases the minimum deposit up to $500, it has a floating spread starting from 0.6 pips and there is an added commission of $6 per round lot traded. The account can have leveraged up to 1:500 and it is able to use the community trading features as well as referral rebates, trader rebates and something called Lot of Rewards.

Platinum: The Platinum account increases the minimum deposit further up to $2,000. It has a floating spread starting from 0.6 pips and has a reduced commission of $3 per round lot traded. It can be leveraged up to 1:500 and has access to the referral rebate and a lot of rewards system.

VIP: This top tier account has a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000. It has a floating spread starting from 0.5 pips and there are no added commissions. The leverage remains t 1:500 and it only has access to the lot of rewards system.

Islamic Variable: The Islamic variable account has an entry requirement of $100, it has floating spreads of 1.6 pips with no commission. The account does not have any swap charges and can be leveraged up to 1:500. It has access to the referral rebate, trader rebate and lots of rewards programs.

Islamic Platinum: This account requires a minimum deposit of $2,000. It has a floating spread starting at 0.6 pips and does not have a commission or swap charges on the account. Leverage is 1:500 and it only has access to the lot of rewards system.


Just MetaTrader 4 is on offer as a trading platform, and that platform is offered in PC, iOS, and Android formats. The PC format is designed for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 systems. The iOS application is for both iPhones and iPads, while the Android application is for any type of Android device. For clients residing in China without access to Google Play Store, there is the option to download the APK file directly from the broker’s website.


Leverage on all accounts can go as high as 1:500, however, you will need to perform an appropriation test and risk evaluation before it will be allowed to go so high, these are normally just a few questions and is very easy to pass. Leverage can be selected when opening up ana account and should you wish to change it on an already open account you can do so by contacting the customer service team with your request.

Trade Sizes

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lots which are known as a micro lot, trades then go up in increments of 0.01 lots and so the next trade will be 0.02 lots and then 0.03 lots. The maximum trade size is 50 lots which are fine as we never recommend trading over this amount anyway as the bigger the trade, the harder it is for the markets and liquidity providers to execute it quickly and without any slippage. You can have a maximum of 200 trades open at any one time which is more than enough for the majority of traders.

Trading Costs

The majority of the account use a spread based system that we will look at later in this review. The Premium account has an added commission of $6 per round lot traded which is in line with the industry standard of $6 per lot while the Platinum account has a reduced commission of $3 per round lot traded which is half the industry standard and is of good value. Unless you are using the Islamic accounts then there will also be swap fees, these are interest charges that are incurred for holding trades overnight, they can be both negative or positive and can usually be viewed from within the trading platform of choice.


The range of markets on offer is a little low, we have displayed them for you below.




Precious Metals: Just Gold and Silver are available to trade.


There are a number of different spreads on offers and each account has a different starting spread value, here is what they are.

  • Standard Fixed: 1.6 pips fixed
  • Standard Variable: 1.6 pips variable
  • Premium: 0.6 pips variable
  • Platinum: 0.6 pips variable
  • VIP: 0.5 pips variable
  • Islamic Variable: 1.6 pips variable
  • Islamic Platinum: 0.6 pips variable

Variable (also known as floating) spreads mean that when the markets are being volatile, the spreads will often be seen higher. Fixed spreads mean that no matter what is happening in the markets, the spreads will remain the same. It is also important to note that different instruments and assets have different starting spreads, so while EURUSD may start at 0.6 pips, other assets like GBPJPY may start slightly higher.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum amount required to open an account is $11, it is unknown if this amount changes once an account has been opened or if this remains the minimum for further top-up deposits.

Deposit Methods & Costs

It appears that Bank Wire Transfer is the only deposit method available, at least it is the only one mentioned on the Deposit & Withdrawal pages. While Triumph FX may not add any fees of their own, they have made it clear that any fees incurred from errors or transfers will be the client’s responsibility to pay. You should also check with your own bank to see if there are any added transfer fees from them.

Withdrawal Methods & Costs

Bank Wire Transfer is the only method available for withdrawal, the bad news is that there is an added bank charge of between 25 USD and 75 USD for every withdrawal transfer. You should also check with your own bank to see if they add any incoming transfer fees of their own.

Withdrawal Processing & Wait Time

Withdrawals will take 2 – 5 business days to process, it could take longer depending on your bank’s own processing time.

Bonuses & Promotions

There are bonuses and promotions available, as mentioned in the account section, each account is eligible for any number of Referal Rebates, Trader Rebates or something called Lot of Rewards, however, going through the site we are not able to locate any information about them. So we know they exist, we just cannot comment on the terms or how worthwhile they may be.

Educational & Trading Tools

There are a few different educational or analysis type sections of the site, there is a section called Forex Essentials which goes over some of the absolute basics of forex trading including different instruments and what trading actually means and how to do it. There is also a glossary section detailing different trading-related terms, an economic calendar detailing upcoming news events and which markets they may affect. Finally, there is a news and analysis section which looks at different charts and news events to give you ideas on what to trade, these seem to take place every few days.

Customer Service

The support page is a little alarming, it states that they have removed the form due to spam, now there is a message saying to log in to submit a ticket or they give just a single email address to contact them with. There is no phone number or any other information, so that single email is all that there is, while we understand spam is a pain, there need to be more ways to get in contact with them.

Demo Account

Demo account s can be created using a simple registration form, you can select a leverage and account size to suit your own. Other trading conditions re not specified so it is unknown which account they actually mimic or if there is an expiration on the accounts, so it would be nice for this information to be added.

Countries Accepted

The following statement is found on the website: “Please note TriumphFX does not service US and entities or residents of any kind. While we welcome clients from all over the globe, governmental restrictions along with our company policies prohibit TriumphFX from opening accounts originated from the following restricted and/or OFAC sanctioned countries: Afghanistan, Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya Mali, Niger, North Korea, Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkmenistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo The former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.”

If you are unsure of your eligibility, we would recommend getting in contact with the customer service team to find out.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to the accounts with Triumph FX with a lot of variation in the trading costs, all of which seem quite reasonable. Commissions are kept low and are either the same or lower than the industry average, the spreads are stated as being low, however actual figures are not present on the site which is a shame. There also isn’t a huge selection of tradable assets, however, there are enough currencies available if that is all you are interested in. Just bank deposits available for deposit and withdrawals which could limit some potential clients, and the potentially large withdrawal fees are not the greatest. The biggest issue for us was the customer support page, it was non-existent and simply stated to log in or use an email address, not the kind of thing that builds confidence.


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Hi There,
I have a few questions on Triumph Forex. Can someone guides me?
1. Is the investment legal?
2. Do you have Securities Commission license/approval?
3. The returns are too good to be true?
4. Is the returns taxable?
5. What’s the biggest risks in this investment?
6.I heard you mentioned that Yuri & Yuri PAMM returns are the same except maybe the 1st round @ why?
7.Is the capital protected? Is there a possibility that Yuri will lose all my capital?
8.Mutual funds vs Forex – which one is better?
9.Can I withdraw my investment at any time? How is this possible?
10. If Yuri is such a good trader, why doesn’t he trade his own funds?

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