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Traffic Pulse MetaTrader 4 EA Review


Traffic Purse is located within the MQL5 marketplace, it was created by Kenneth Parling and was first uploaded to the marketplace on the 26th of March 2020. I received its most recent update on the 13th of April 2020 and is currently at version 1.3.


Traffic Pulse was designed to be used with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it is advertised as a stable, secure, and 100% automated hybrid scalper. The EA only works for a few hours during the night, market entries are found with a high level of precision, small profit targets are set for each trade. 

The EA comes with a host of features which include automated trade time server adjustments, automatic magic number setting, different order execution modes, weekday managers so you can choose which days to trade, a powerful 3 in 1 risk management system that allows trading fixed or flexible lot sizes, there is also an order swap charge controller which will help avoid triple swaps on Wednesdays.

Some recommendations from the developer of the EA:

  • Use ECN account, stop level 0 required and low spread
  • Use a stable VPS
  • Works with any leverage. Based on the leverage of 1:500 the minimum deposit can be $200 but it’s recommended to start with at least $1000 to get high yield trades.
  • Apply default settings to currency pair EURUSD M15

The EA also comes with some adjustable settings. These include the amount of risk to use, which days to trade on, a virtual mode, slippage allowed, stop losses, target in pips, whether to use dynamic levels, max spread, and more.

Service Cost

The EA will set you back $249 as a single payment, so it is a little on the expensive side, this is a one-time payment and will allow you to activate the EA up to 5 times, unlike many expert advisors on the MQL5 marketplace, there is no option to rent it. There is a free demo version available, this can however only be used with the strategy tester within the MT4 platform


There aren’t any user reviews for Traffic Pulse so it has made it hard for us to know whether those that are using the Ea are finding it useful or profitable. There are two comments in the comment section, these are both from the developer of the EA themselves, the comments were pretty recent which is a good sign as it shows that the developer is still around, due to there being no reviews, and the price being quite high, you should contact the developer with any questions that you may have, this is a great way to ensure that it will work for you and that the creator will be there to offer support should you need it.


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