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Top 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do While Trading Forex

Forex trading is a massive beast, there is so much involved in it, you will be forgiven if you were to forget something. In fact, it is probably expected that you at some point will start to miss things with your trading. No matter how experienced you are and how many years you have been trading, you will make mistakes and you will forget to do things that you otherwise know you should be doing. So let’s take a look at some of the things that people often forget to do even if they have been doing it or are meant to be doing it.

#1 – Placing Stop Losses

Stop losses are a vital part of any strategy. They are designed to be used to protect your account and they prevent you from losing any more of your money than you are intending with each trade. This very important aspect of a trade is unfortunately something that is quite often forgotten. While forgetting things now and then is not normally an issue, when it is something that will prevent you from losing money it can have a very big effect on your overall trading and your profits. A single missed stop loss could have the potential to completely blow your account, so it is vital that we remember to use them. It is easy to miss out yes, but you need to ensure that you place them as they are so important.


#2 – Creating a Trade Journal

A trading journal is a fantastic thing, it allows you to work out exactly what you are doing well and what you need to work on, and it will potentially help you to become a really profitable trader. Yet it remains something that a lot of traders seem to ignore or to forget to fill out. While this won’t have a negative effect on your trading, it will prevent you from improving over time, as you need to use the information that you have written down to work out what you need to change or what you are already doing well. You need to try and remember to write down things like the entry price, the exit price, how long you help the reader, the profit and loss, and pretty much everything that you do. This way you can use that information. A lot of people simply forget to do it, either through actually forgetting or from being too lazy to do it. It’s not the end of the world to forget, but if you want to be a successful trader, then you should certainly try and get it done.

#3 – Withdrawing Funds

This one may seem a little strange to say, but you will be surprised at how many people actually forget to withdraw any of their funds. One of the basic rules of trading forex is that you should be withdrawing your funds until you have at least withdrawn the same amount that you have deposited. This way while you can of course still lose money, you will not lose any of the money that you initially put in. Each month, withdraw your profits until you have withdrawn as much as you have put in. Many people forget to do this and some of them will then go on to lose whatever they have made if they had withdrawn, they would not be out of pocket as they would have taken out everything that they put in. So remember, withdraw a little bit each month. Even if it is not all the profits, a little bit each month will ensure that you do not lose everything that was put in.

#4 – Take Breaks

Trading can be addicting, really addicting, so much so that a lot of traders especially when first starting out actually forget to take breaks. Yes, you heard us right and we have been guilty of this ourselves. Breaks are incredibly important, simply because they allow us to refresh and to clear our minds, they are particularly good when our emotions are starting to come up or even take over. Yet so many people forget to take them. You need to, if you want to be a successful trader then you need to learn how to take breaks and you should be taking them regularly. If you can, take a break every hour or so. Don’t be like us and sit there for hours and hours on end, as this will only lead to burnout and you probably won’t be doing anything for most of that time anyway.

#5 – Adjusting Goals

Goals are fantastic. They are things that we are working towards, things that we wish to achieve at some point in our trading future. Some are short term and others are long term, but there is one thing that a lot of people forget to do, adjust them. When we achieve something, it kind of gets left behind, but it really shouldn’t. Instead, it should be adapted and pushed further forward, this way we still have something to aim towards and to trade towards. If we do not we will lose a lot of our motivation. So when you achieve something, be sure to adjust it so it will then become your next target, this way you will keep motivated and will always have something to work towards.

Those are some of the things that a lot of traders forget to do. Some may seem a little silly to you or some may not actually seem all that important, and that is fine. Not everything matters the same to each person, so you may not want to withdraw where someone else probably should. Are there things that you should be doing but forget? Probably, but once you can recognise that you should be doing something then you will be able to ensure that you are actively doing it in the future.


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