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Today´s Crypto Events 25.6.2018

You can find here all the news about the upcoming hard fork, releases, exchange listings,  updates, conferences, new launches, etc. We gather the most relevant events and conferences for you to pick from.

Today´s Events 25/6/2018

Emerald Crypto (EMD) — Reward Halving

Cindicator (CND) — WEBIT.Festival Europe in Sofia

Nano (NANO) — Weekly Development Update

DigitalNote (XDN) — Hard Fork

Divi (DIVX) — Services and Products Release

Open Platform (OPEN) — Token Swap Snapshot

The Abyss (ABYSS) — Development Update

Leadcoin (LDC) — Open-Source Code Release on GitHub

Pakcoin (PAK) — Merchants Payment System Launch

Primas (PST) — Android Beta Test

TRON (TRX) — Token Burning

Cobinhood (COB) — WEBIT.Festival Europe in Sofia

Ardor (ARDR) — WEBIT.Festival Europe in Sofia

United Traders Token (UTT) — World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt

Credits (CS) — World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt


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