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Tipu Trend FX Indicator Review

Tipu Trend is a trading indicator that was launched on the mql5 website in December of 2018. The author Kaleem Haider is a founder/CEO of Tipu Trading and last updated his product to version 1.40 in August of 2018.


Tipu Trend is a straightforward indicator that shows the trend of the selected timeframe on MT4. The blue line is indicative of the uptrend, while the red line indicates the downtrend, and the gray line is representative of the ranging market. The indicator does not repaint, smooths the noise in the price action, and highlights ranging markets. Best results are received in a trending market, and the author suggests using this indicator in combination with one or more products to receive the best results.


Service Cost

The indicator can be rented for $15 USD a month, or purchased outright with 10 activations for $59. A product extension, titled Tipu Panel, is available from the same author for free. The product shows the trend and signal of the selected timeframe with a customizable panel. While helpful, it isn’t necessary to download the free version if you aren’t interested. Free demo versions of both products are available for testing.


Tipu Trend shows the trend of the trader’s selected timeframe with a simple design that includes blue, red, and gray lines, along with visual buy signals. It has received a 4 ½ star rating on the mql5 website, with mostly positive reviews.

For example:

“Nice … used a lot of indicators this top!” -Cailu168

“Excellent Product top-notch indicator number one indicator on MQL5” -Mujeeb

“Not better than any other trend indicator… a simple moving average will do the same in good market conditions. Don’t waste your money.” -Davide

Traders should note that the purchase price of the indicator is a bit high for the type of product, especially considering that it needs to be used in combination with other products, which raise the total investment one needs to make. The product is fairly straightforward, but traders may want to compare the features and prices of similar products before making a decision.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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