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Tiger GBP/USD MT4 Trading Robot Review


Tiger GBPUSD MT4 EA is a robot created in April 2020 by Chinese developer Qin Yang, which has already created more EAs before. You have to use this EA exclusively with the GBPUSD currency pair, as this asset has proven to be the one with the best performance and score.

Users will also need to use this EA in a USD brokerage account. Since the volume of trade of this EA is quite high, it is recommended that this EA be used in a VPS, you can use the VPS provided by MQL5, and no VPS will be required to have the computer turned on 24/7.

Instructions for Setting Parameters

If the parameter Auto lot size is true, the EA will automatically adjust the lot (lot) according to the value of the parameter Auto lot size risk. If the parameter Auto lot size is false, the EA will use the fixed lot trade (lot) according to the value of the parameter Fixed lot size.

Set the Safety point parameter between 70 and 150, the Safety point parameter has been calculated in pip units. Please set the parameter Min stop loss above 100, the parameter Min stop-loss has been calculated in pip units.

Auto lot size: Automatically control the Lot function switch, open this EA will automatically control the Lot risk setting according to the Auto lot size risk value

Auto lot size risk: automatically controls the parameters when the Lot function is activated, and automatically sets Lot according to this EA parameter

Fixed lot size: fixed lot parameters, if the Auto lot size is closed, the EA will use fixed lot trading according to this parameter

Safety point: Pings distance (pips), the parameter Safety point has been calculated in units of pips when the profit reaches this parameter value, the EA will adjust the stop loss to the opening price, reducing the risk of loss

Min stop loss: the minimum stop loss distance (pips), the Min stop-loss parameter has been calculated in pip units, the distance between the stop loss and the opening price set automatically by EA will not be less than this value.

Buy order magic: buy order number

Sell order magic: order of sale number

Information window: Change to display the information window, EA will work faster after closing the information window.

Tiger GBPUSD MT4 EA Strategy

This EA calculates tick volatility frequency and speed according to the tick volatility algorithm and monitors tick volatility from the market in real-time. The EA will capture market imbalances, such as excessive capital inflows leading to explosive one-way volatility in the market. This EA is to use this explosive volatility to grab profits quickly. The transaction time of each order is not long but can reach a high rate of profit (90%).

In conclusion, we are talking about a scalper robot that works in the most volatile moments of the market, carrying out small transactions with the aim of getting small movements in the right direction. It is highly recommended to have an ECN account in a reliable broker with low latency so that the orders are executed in the shortest time possible.

We do not have any feedback from users who have tested this EA for their experience with it and the results obtained. All we have are some screenshots made by the creator of the EA where you see winning accounts supposedly using this EA.

Our advice is to download the free version of the EA to be able to test it, see how it works, and verify that you get good results before buying it. If you want to purchase this robot, it is available in the MQL market at a price of 629 USD, certainly a great investment that will not be within reach of all pockets. Additionally, you have the option to rent it, at a price of 329 USD for a period of 3 months.


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