The Top 5 Forex Profit Calculators to Use in 2021


The Top 5 Forex Profit Calculators to Use in 2021

When it comes to trading in the forex market, it is essential to have accurate and reliable tools that can help you analyze and calculate your potential profits. One such tool is a forex profit calculator, which can assist traders in estimating their profits or losses based on various parameters. In this article, we will discuss the top five forex profit calculators to use in 2021.

1. Forex Factory’s Position Size Calculator:

Forex Factory is a well-known website in the forex community that provides a range of tools and resources for traders. Their Position Size Calculator is a popular choice among traders due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This calculator allows traders to input their account currency, risk percentage, stop-loss level, and currency pair. It then calculates the appropriate position size based on these parameters, helping traders manage their risk effectively.


2. Myfxbook’s Pip Value Calculator:

Myfxbook is another reputable platform that offers a wide range of tools for forex traders. Their Pip Value Calculator is a valuable tool for determining the value of a pip in a specific currency pair. By inputting the account currency, currency pair, and lot size, traders can quickly determine the monetary value of a pip movement. This information is crucial for calculating profits and setting stop-loss levels accurately.

3.’s Forex Profit Calculator: is a comprehensive financial website that provides a range of tools and resources for traders and investors. Their Forex Profit Calculator is a versatile tool that allows traders to calculate potential profits or losses for both short and long positions. Traders can input the entry price, exit price, position size, and currency pair to obtain the calculated profit or loss. This calculator also takes into account the spread, making it more accurate for real-world trading scenarios.

4. BabyPips’ Pip Value Calculator:

BabyPips is a popular educational website that offers a wealth of information for beginner and intermediate forex traders. Their Pip Value Calculator is a simple yet effective tool for calculating the value of a pip in various currency pairs. Traders can input the currency pair, account currency, and lot size to obtain the pip value. This calculator is particularly useful for traders who are new to forex trading and want a straightforward tool to help them understand the concept of pips and their monetary value.

5. OANDA’s Margin Calculator:

OANDA is a well-established forex broker that also provides several useful tools for traders. One of their notable tools is the Margin Calculator, which helps traders determine the required margin for opening a position. By inputting the currency pair, account currency, trade size, and leverage, traders can calculate the margin required for a specific trade. This information is crucial for managing risk and ensuring that traders have sufficient funds in their account to cover potential losses.

In conclusion, forex profit calculators are essential tools for traders to accurately estimate their potential profits or losses. The top five calculators discussed in this article – Forex Factory’s Position Size Calculator, Myfxbook’s Pip Value Calculator,’s Forex Profit Calculator, BabyPips’ Pip Value Calculator, and OANDA’s Margin Calculator – offer a range of features and functionalities that can assist traders in their decision-making process. It is important for traders to choose a calculator that aligns with their specific needs and trading style. By utilizing these calculators effectively, traders can enhance their risk management and make more informed trading decisions in 2021.