The History of Forex Cargo US: From Humble Beginnings to Global Success


The History of Forex Cargo US: From Humble Beginnings to Global Success

Forex Cargo US has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 1980s. What started as a small door-to-door delivery service in Southern California has now grown into a global leader in the freight forwarding industry. Today, Forex Cargo US is known for its excellence in customer service and its commitment to delivering packages and cargo to the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Forex Cargo US was founded by Manny and Marilou Bautista in 1983. Manny, a Filipino immigrant, saw the need for a reliable and efficient way to send goods and packages to his homeland. At the time, the options available for sending cargo to the Philippines were limited and often unreliable. Manny saw this as an opportunity to start a business that would cater to the needs of the Filipino community in the US.


With just a single van and a handful of employees, Manny and Marilou started Forex Cargo US. They focused on providing door-to-door delivery services, ensuring that packages were picked up from the customer’s location and delivered directly to their doorstep in the Philippines. This personalized approach set them apart from their competitors and quickly gained them a loyal customer base.

As word spread about the exceptional service provided by Forex Cargo US, the demand for their services grew exponentially. To meet this increasing demand, Manny and Marilou expanded their operations and opened branch offices in different states across the US. This allowed them to serve a wider customer base and provide faster delivery times.

In the early 1990s, Forex Cargo US made a significant breakthrough by introducing the Balikbayan Box. A Balikbayan Box is a large, sturdy box that can be filled with various items and sent to the Philippines. The concept behind the Balikbayan Box was to provide Filipinos living in the US with a cost-effective way to send gifts and essentials to their families back home.

The introduction of the Balikbayan Box revolutionized the cargo industry and solidified Forex Cargo US as a market leader. The company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, combined with the convenience and affordability of the Balikbayan Box, made Forex Cargo US the go-to choice for Filipinos in the US.

As the years went by, Forex Cargo US continued to expand its operations and improve its services. The company invested in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure that packages were handled with utmost care and delivered on time. They also established partnerships with major airlines and shipping companies to streamline their logistics and provide even faster and more reliable delivery services.

Today, Forex Cargo US has become a household name in the Filipino community. It has a vast network of branch offices and agents across the US, allowing customers to conveniently drop off their packages or have them picked up from their location. The company also offers online tracking, making it easy for customers to monitor the progress of their shipments.

What sets Forex Cargo US apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company prides itself on its personalized approach to customer service, always going the extra mile to ensure that packages are delivered safely and on time. They understand the importance of the items being sent, whether it’s gifts, necessities, or sentimental items, and handle them with utmost care.

In conclusion, the story of Forex Cargo US is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial vision and dedication. From its humble beginnings as a small door-to-door delivery service, the company has grown into a global success, revolutionizing the cargo industry and providing a lifeline for Filipinos living in the US. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Forex Cargo US continues to be a trusted name in the freight forwarding industry.