Forex Market Analysis

Technical Setup



DAX is reacging the end of the monthly triangle. As it tops the upper resistance we’ll close the position, which we expect to happen in the upcoming weeks. After that, we’ll watch closely in which direction the breakout happens and wether we take a long or short position. For now we hold.

US Dollar Index

After breaking the bearish trendline, US Dollar Index has rebounced twice from it. Withou clear direction it has been going sidelines fo weeks. For now we hold unless something extradiordinary happens.


After movig sideways for weeks it has formed a short-term trinagle that is due to create a breakout movement. For no we hold awating for a string movement to be formed. In case it goes above we close the posiiton with small profits. In the other case of breaking below it we would hold the position.


After GBPUSD broke a strong monthly support it continues to have a clear path for more downwards movements to come. For now has paused and we keep holding with expectations of a continuation of the bearish trend.


First USDJPY did a bullish breakout after breaking the monthly resistance. Now, it has gone down until it retested it which just confirmed the upcoming bullish movement. It is still a good time to open a new position and increase exposure to this trade. For now we hold both positions until next notice.

Crude Oil

USOIL broke the bullish trend and right after that, it has just confirmed the upcoming bearish trend through the recent retest. This movement gives more security and confidence to this trade that we’ll leave open for now.


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