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115. Trading The Double Tops and Double Bottom Chart Patterns


We will be discussing many Forex chart patterns in the upcoming course lessons that are widely used by traders around the world. But none of those patterns can beat the popularity of Double Bottom and Double Top chart patterns. This pattern can be seen frequently in not just the Forex market but all types of markets.

This pattern is independent of timeframes, i.e., it appears on all the time frames and the strategies that we are going to discuss work on all the trading timeframes too. Fundamentally, the Double Top and Double Bottom are reversal patterns, and they consist of two price swings approximately the same size on the same price level.

Double Top Chart Pattern

The Double Top chart pattern typically appears in an uptrend. It is formed when a bullish trend is interrupted at some point, and as a result, the price action tends to range. If that range consists of two swing tops, we can consider that as the formation of a Double Top chart pattern. After the second top, the price action drops and starts a new bearish trend.

Double Bottom Chart Pattern

The Double Bottom chart pattern typically appears in a downtrend. It is formed when the downtrend is interrupted at some point, which results in the price action to form a range. In the consolidation phase, if the range consists of two swing lows, and if the second low is struggling to reach the BottomBottom of the range, we can confirm the formation of the Double Bottom chart pattern. When the second Bottom is printed, we can expect the price to print a brand new higher high.


The Double Top and Double Bottom patterns consist of a neckline. The Neckline is often used to confirm the pattern. The Neckline in a Double Top pattern is the horizontal level at Bottom where the two tops converge. Likewise, Neckline in a Double Bottom pattern is the horizontal level at the top where the two bottoms converge.

How To Trade The Double Top & Double Bottom Patterns? 

Double Top Pattern

The below charts represents the formation of a Double Top pattern on the AUD/JPY daily Forex chart.

In the below chart, we had activated a sell trade when the price action broke below the Neckline. The stop-loss is placed just above the Double Top pattern. It is advisable to set the take-profit order two times below the size of the pattern. Activating our trades at the Neckline is the safest and most professional way of trading this pattern; because it shows that the last buyers are out of the league, and going short positions from here is a good idea.

Double Bottom Pattern

The chart below represents the formation of a Double Bottom chart pattern on the GBP/AUD Forex pair.

As we can clearly see below, when the price action is closed above the Neckline, it indicates a buy signal.  We can see the most recent leg of the buyers being very strong, which indicates the buyers’ strength. Hence, in this case, we have decided to place the stop-loss just below our entry. For placing TP, we chose the previous recent high, and we can see how perfectly the price respected our placement.

This ends our discussion on Double Top & Double Bottom Forex chart patterns. We, at Forex Academy, have provided a lot of strategies to trade this pattern in the Basic Strategies section. You can check them out to get a deeper insight into these patterns. Cheers!

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