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Atron TT Channel Indicator Review

Atron TT is a trading indicator that was added to the mql5 marketplace in March of 2020 by the author Vitali Zyrko. It has not received any updates at this time.


Atron TT is a signal trading indicator with two purposes, the first of which being to display a trend channel, and the second as being one of the input signal sources. Here are a few of the indicator’s features:

Works on the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is one of the most popular trading terminals on the planet

  • Compatible with any currency pair and timeframe
  • Does not redraw
  • Is not entirely reliable on its own, should be used with input filters on other indicators

Traders will also be able to manage alert and basic display settings. The indicator was designed to occupy minimal space on the chart and to be an easy to use tool for beginners.

Service Cost

The developer offers three separate pricing options:

  • Rent at a rate of $12.99 USD per month
  • Rent for $29.99 USD for one year
  • Purchase for $38.99 USD

Traders will be limited to 6 total activations for the product. Note that the developer points out that it is absolutely necessary to use this product with one or more indicators, so you’ll want to factor those potential costs as well. If you’re interested in testing, you can access a risk-free demo account as well.


Atron TT is a versatile product that works with any timeframe/currency pair to display trend channels or work as an input signal source. It has received a 5-star rating, which is based on the following review:

“Been using for little but now pretty good. I use this in conjunction with other indicators. Working good.” -4xtrader41

The above statement simply clarifies the recommendation that this indicator is used with others, as it isn’t ideal when used on its own. Before purchasing, be sure that you can find an indicator(s) that can help provide better results.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:

Forex Service Review

Keltner RSI Linear Channels Indicator Review

The Keltner RSI Linear Channels is an indicator that can be found on the MQL5 marketplace, we have provided a link down below so you can see exactly which indicator we are looking at. This indicator was originally released onto the MQL5 marketplace on the 23rd of December 2016, there aren’t any updates stated, but the current version of the indicator is version 1.2.


The indicator was designed to be used with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, the indicator helps to identify RSI linear channels, and will make them on your charts. The indicator uses Keltner’s methodology to calculate the RSI lines and can be sure to help make trading and analysis decisions on the sentiment of the market. The indicator allows you to draw on two channels on a single chart.

The indicator does not make trades for you, it requires you to make manual trades, however, it can be combined with an expert advisor in order to make automated trades based on the signals sent from this indicator.

There are a number of settings and parameters that can be altered to help suit your own trading style, you can select whether it draws 2 channels or 1, the colour of the lines, how many bars to use to calculate, the calculation method, channel width, ATR period, RSI period, and more.

Service Cost

The indicator currently costs $20 to purchase outright, unlike many other indicators, there is no way to rent this one for a short period of time. There is also a free version available, sadly, there isn’t any information as to what the limitations of this free version are, but it is a good way to test out the indicator before purchasing it.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews for the Keltner RSI Linear Channels indicator, this means that we cannot work out whether or not the indicator functions the way that it should or if the indicator is effective. Due to this, we would highly recommend that you download the free version of the indicator, this way you are able to test it out and try it before having to make any purchases.

This Forex Indicator is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace: