Blockstream Green Wallet Review: What Makes This Crypto Wallet App Unique?

The Blockstream Green crypto wallet was developed by Lawrence Nahum and Jerzey Kozera of Green Address Inc. It was introduced to the crypto industry in 2013. But would, in 2016, be acquired by Blockstream, yet another blockchain technology company and renamed to Blockstream Green wallet.

Today, it is considered by far the most innovative and secure crypto wallet app, as well as the pioneer of multiple security features. The Blockstream Green wallet was, for instance, among the earliest to integrate multi-signature signing, allow two-factor authentication, introduce hierarchical deterministic wallets, and allow for dynamic Bitcoin processing fees.

In this review, we will be looking at all these features in detail and highlighting everything else you need to know about Blockstream green crypto wallet. We will be factoring in its operational and security features. We’ll also explore its pros and cons, cost and transaction fees and compare its efficiency with other crypto wallets.

We start by looking at its primary features:

Key features:

i) User-friendly: The Blockstream Green crypto wallet has one of the friendliest user interfaces. It features a simplistic design that makes in-app navigations seamless and eases interactions with the portfolio. It also features both basic and advanced settings that appeal to the beginner, intermediate, and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

i) Compatible with multiple OS: The Blockstream Green crypto wallet is also highly versatile and compatible with virtually all operating systems. The wallet desktop and mobile app version as well as a web version – available as a chrome extension.

iii) Hardware wallet integration: The crypto wallets versatility extends with its interactions with hardware crypto wallets. Blockstream Green wallet is, therefore, compatible with all the leading hardware crypto wallets, including Trezor and Ledger Nano models.

iv) Real-time account monitoring: The Blockstream Green crypto wallet allows you to monitor the value of your crypto balances in real-time via the apps and web version. It will also automatically email you a report of your transaction every time you send or receive your crypto.

v) Multiple accounts: While Blockstream Green is a specialist wallet that only supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency, it allows for the creation of multiple user accounts. You can, therefore, create an extra user account/wallet address for separating your digital assets. One wallet can, for instance, hold expense and savings accounts.

Security features:


Blockstream Green crypto wallet has a password as its primary security feature. You, therefore, will be required to set this 6-digit passcode when installing the crypto wallet app.

24-word recovery seed:

Additionally, the app or web wallet will also present you with 24 random phrases that represent its recovery seed. Write these down and store them in a safe place. They come in handy when recovering your private keys should you lose the wallet or forget the passcode.

Two-factor authentication:

This added layer of security eliminates the possibility of remote hacks. It demands that you attach a phone number to your wallet and receive login and crypto transfer verification codes via SMS or call. You can alternatively use ‘tether the app to your email’ and activate SFA via google authenticator.

Highly encrypted:

According to the Blockstream, Green wallets limit the amount perof sonal data collected of their clients while subjecting any data stored within the app – especially the private keys and passcodes – to strict encryption protocols.

Multi-signature wallet:

Blockstream green is a multi-signature wallet implying that two signatories must approve a transaction before it is executed. The first signatory is your password, and the other is the Blockstream servers.


All Blockstream green crypto and web wallets are non-custodial. Meaning that your private keys aren’t stored on the companies servers but on the individual device hosting the wallet. This gives near-absolute control of your digital assets while eliminating the possibility of a central point of attack for hackers.

Open-sourced technology:

The Blockstream Green wallet is also built on an open-sourced technology, which is, in itself, a guarantee of safety and transparency.

Hierarchically deterministic:

The wallet is hierarchically deterministic. That implies that it can automatically generate a wallet address for every new crypto transaction. This makes your crypto activity and transactions hard to track.

How to set up the Blockstream green crypto wallet app:

Step 1: Start by downloading and installing the Blockstream wallet app on your phone and desktop (download these apps from the official Blockstream website to get the most updated versions).

Step 2: Launch the app.

Step 3: Write down the 24-word recovery seed using the specific order in which they are presented by the app.

Step 4: Confirm your seed phrase and proceed to set the unique 6-digit passcode.

Step 5: You can now access your Blockstream green wallet dashboard and configure your desired transaction fees

Step 6: Create a Bitcoin wallet address

Step 7: Your wallet is now active, and you are now free to start adding Bitcoins.

How to add/receive crypto into your Blockstream Green wallet

Step 1: Start by launching your Blockstream green wallet app and clicking on the ‘Receive Money’ tab.

Step 2: This reveals your Bitcoin wallet address as well as the QR Code

Step 3: Copy the wallet address and send it to the exchange, wallet, or fiat-to-crypto conversion party from whom you wish to receive funds

Step 4: Wait for the Bitcoins to reflect on the wallet app.

How to send crypto into your Blockstream crypto wallet:

Step 1: Launch the crypto wallet app and click the ‘Send Money’ tab.

Step 2: In the pop-up window that appears, key in the recipient’s Bitcoin wallet address or simply scan their QR code if using a mobile crypto app.

Step 3: Enter the number of Bitcoins you wish to send

Step 4: Confirm that both the wallet address and the Bitcoin amounts are okay and click send.

Step 5: The transaction can take between a few minutes to several hours, depending on your preferred transaction fees.

Blockstream green ease of use:

One of the unique features of Blothe ckstream Green wallet is that it is highly customizable. It features both the basic and advanced app/web wallet settings for the intermediate and experienced bitcoin investor/trader. Some of the customizable features that experienced traders can take advantage of include transaction fees and auto-logout.

In addition to the four-tier transaction fee structure, experienced traders can decide to set a custom transaction fee to be paid in Bitcoin Satoshi. They can also add notes difto ferent Bitcoin transactions and set an automatic logout timer for their apps.

These and more add-ons like SPV synchronization and or PGP key have earned the crypto wallet app a nickname – ‘fancier wallet.’

Blockstream Green wallet supported currencies.

Despite all these operational and security features integrated into the Blockstream Green wallet, it will only support one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. This sets it apart from its peers of equally advanced crypto wallet apps that support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens. It also sets it apart from some Bitcoin-specific wallet apps that support both Bitcoin and its hard fork – Bitcoin Cash.

If you, however, wish to invest or interact with more crypto coins and tokens while enjoying the security and operational features of the Green wallet, consider integrating it with a hardware wallet.

Blockstream Green cost and fees:

Downloading and installing the Blockstream Green crypto wallet app is free, and so is using it to store your digital assets. You will, however, be charged a small transaction fee when you send Bitcoins from the app. But, you get to set the transaction fee when setting up the account.

Ideally, Blockstream Green crypto mobile and desktop app features five classes of Bitcoin transaction fees under the ‘Replace by fee protocol. The most pronounced are the low-fee transfer option that charges the lowest amounts but takes the longest to execute a transaction, the medium-fee transfer that charges moderate amounts for relatively faster transaction processing, and express-transaction fee that charges significantly higher fees for near-instant transaction processing.

You get to decide on your preferred transaction fee level when setting up your green wallet app. You, however, can always adjust this fee category at any time or shift to the other two pricing models – the customized Satoshi bitcoin payment plan or the economy-fee category. The later is only available on the desktop wallet app and only possible when sending Bitcoins to a wallet within 12 blocks from your physical location.

All of these fee categories are variable and dependent on the transaction volumes.

Blockstream green customer support:

Blockstream Green wallet’s customer supports starts with the FAQ page on the company website that guides you on how to interact with the app and provides solutions to common app challenges. The Blockstream website and both the desktop and mobile crypto wallet apps as well as its web wallet are multi-lingual and currently support over 12 of the most popular international languages.

We also found their customer support team quite friendly and highly responsive. And you can reach out to them by raising a support ticket on the company’s website or contacting them via email info@Blockstream Alternatively, you can reach out to them through their different social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What are the pros and cons of the Blockstream green crypto wallet app?


  • The crypto wallet app is highly secure and has integrated such advanced security features as 2-factor authentication, HD and, Multi-sig wallets.
  • The wallet installation process, as well as its use, are relatively easy and highly straightforward.
  • The Bitcoin-specialist wallet is highly transparent as it is developed on an open-sourced technology.
  • Blockstream green crypto wallet is quite a user friendly and features highly customizable features like different fee categories.
  • The fact that the Blockstream green wallet integrates seamlessly with crypto hardware wallets further boosts its security and number of supported currencies.


  • Blockstream Green crypto wallet app will only support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  • It has limited operational features. It doesn’t have such critical features as an inbuilt exchange.
  • Its online nature subjects it to several threats, include hacking and malicious malware.

Comparing Blockstream Green wallet with other crypto wallets

When compared to other hot wallets like Abra, Blockstream Green carries the day because of its security features and ease of use. Its key selling points include its highly innovative approach towards securing the wallet that has since been imitated by the entire industry, its highly customizable transaction fees, and intuitive user interface. But one can’t fail to notice that Abra supports way more cryptocurrencies, has more ways through which you can deposit crypto into the wallet, and active in-built exchange.

Save for the convenience that it offers frequent traders and the fact that it is free to acquire, Blockstream Green wallet’s features pale in the face of a hardware wallet like Trezor. The hardware wallet is considered more secure as it stores your private keys offline, supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens, and is more insulated from common threats dogging hot wallets like remote hacks.

Verdict? Is the Blockstream Green wallet safe?

Blockstream green wallet has a long history of keeping their client’s data and private keys safe. It was developed and is still maintained by some of the most experienced blockchain and crypto industry experts around. Since its inception, the wallet has led the industry by pioneering some of the most innovative security protocols that have since achieved global acceptance. Other factors that we believe endear this wallet app to most Bitcoin traders are the decongested and highly intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.

We, however, believe that the app would have an even larger following and user-base if it accepted more cryptocurrencies. Going forward, we would also like to see the bitcoin app integrating more features like an in-built exchange.