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Strx Trendline Break and Bounce Trader Review

Strx Trendline Break and Bounce Trader can be found on the MT4 marketplace under the Utilities heading. We have provided you with a direct link to the expert advisor below. The expert advisor was created by Francesco Strappini and first uploaded on the 2ns of March 2018, it received its most recent update on the 6th of March 2018 and is currently at version 1.10.


Strx Trendline Break and Bounce Trader is an expert advisor that has been created for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it allows you to draw your own trendlines or horizontal lines, the EA will then trade for you.


The main features of the expert advisor:

  • Possibility to trade on break and/or bounce events
  • Independent break and bounce settings
  • Configurable market, stop and limit orders
  • T1T2 Logic to lock profits and minimize losses
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Max Spread check
  • Notifies you when your trendlines are crossed

No strange trendline name or syntax, you decide the color of trendlines to monitor and EA open trades for you or only notify you as soon as they are crossed. There is a multitude of options and settings available, some of them include the trendline colors, breakout order types, bonce order types, trailing stop losses, max spreads, pending orders, magic numbers, and many more options are also available.

Service Cost

The expert advisor will currently cost you $30 to purchase outright, there is also an option to rent the indicator this will cost you $15 in order to use it for 6 months. There is also a free demo version, this version will have plenty of limitations, what they are is not mentioned on the site but we know that there will be some.


There aren’t any reviews or comments for the expert advisor, so we do not know whether the people who are using it are finding that it does what it is meant to or working at all, however, if it wasn’t working there would probably be some angry reviews present. Due to there being no reviews, we would strongly suggest that you try out the free version and also send any queries to the developer so you can be sure that the expert advisor is right for you before you make a purchase.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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