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Regression Standard Deviation and ZigZag EA Review


Regression Standard Deviation and Zigzag trading is an EA created in July 2019 by Saeid Irani. This EA or robot has been designed and delivered four types of trade. Based on research, you may be able to combine these four kinds of commerce. In addition, it has just been created for trading in 5-digit symbols. Before using for actual trading, this product requires optimization for any symbol, the author says at least six months.


This robot manages your account based on the following 4 processes:

  1. Activities prior to a transaction (sale of purchase).

These measures include capital management and the establishment of new revenue when the number of positions is zero. Then, forecast and look for the trend and check the trade in changing any tick price, then determine the volume and number of orders.

  1. Opening activities of an operation.

Activities related to the management of the place where the orders are placed.

  1. Post-transaction activities to protect transactions and achieve the highest possible return.

These activities are found in two parts of the trade investment and end stops, which combine various strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price for end stops.

  1. Activities related to the exit from the market or the termination of operations.

The measures relate to exit methods. In the first case, the total benefit of the transaction is reached at the optimum point, in the second, the elimination of operations that are disadvantaged, as a mismatch in the forecast or news that changes the market atmosphere. When its balance reaches a certain point, the robot removes these positions in small parts (Partial Close Position) from the winning place.

Main parameters of this EA:

  • Symbol: 5 digit symbols.
  • Take advantage: Automatically and based on optimization.
  • Stop Loss: Automatically and based on optimization.
  • Batch size: Automatically and based on optimization.
  • Final stop: Automatic and based on optimization.
  • Partial Close Order: Automatically and Based on optimization.
  • Order Close everything: Automatically and based on optimization.
  • Time frame: All time frame.
  • Fully automated trade EA/ROBOT.
  • Manual trade: Enable.
  • Parameters of Trading Management.
  • As seen in the screenshot.
  • Account Leverage: Based on optimization ACCOUNT MARGIN LEVEL (Stop Out): Based on optimization and account information.

Installations using four trading methods and two methods of closing orders has been created in this robot. By combining these methods and testing them, you can get the best trading method in any symbol that has 5 digits. You also need to enter the account information in the tab/entry section and the strategy tester correctly.

It is necessary to download the complete data in all time frames, for each symbol. For each symbol, you must find the best configuration of inputs in the strategy tester. Use this setting especially on each symbol chart for automatic trading. This means that if you have 5 symbol charts, you have 5 EAs in 5 symbol charts with 5 different input options. Using one activation is enough for the whole table. Only with several different input settings.

Service Cost

Regression Standard Deviation and Zigzag trading is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 180 USD. It is not available for rent, but it has a demo version so you can try it out and get to know it better before making a purchase decision.


In short, we’re talking about a complex robot that needs a lot of configuration and testing before it gets to work on a real account. We think that this EA should only be used by experienced traders, given its complexity. Apparently, the results that can be obtained are good, once read the comments of users who have already tried it, but do keep in mind that it is rather a rather complex installation. 




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