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PTS Demand Index Indicator Review


The PTS Demand Index is a Forex indicator that can be found on the MQL5 market. The indicator was added to the MQL5 marketplace on the 29th of January 2016, there don’t appear to be any further updates and so the indicator is still on version 1.0.


The PTS Demand Index is an indicator that can be used with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it is designed to make simple work of the interpretation of volume and price as a combination.

The indicator can be used in a number of ways:

Divergences: When the asset price is making new highs and the demand index is not, this is a bearish divergence and it could be an indicator for a future price trend change.

Trend Detection: Detecting when the asset price crosses the zero line, meaning either buying or selling over a period of time, a signal will be produced. If the demand index is around the zero lines, this does not mean much. However, when it breaks through, the indicator will alert you and will show the supply and demand imbalance. This can be utilized as a possible entry position.

Break Outs: When the market is ranging on the demand index, and then a breakout appears possible, there will likely be a breakout in the same direction as the underlying market.

Prediction of the next movement: Whenever there is an extreme price movement up or down at the peak of the demand index, this implies that there is quite a lot of buying or selling, and will be followed by a further price move in the same direction.

Extended Divergence: Whenever the market continues to trend upward or downward and the demand index shows the opposite, this is often a signal of a major bottom or top forming.

Service Cost

The PTS Demand Index indicator can be purchased outright for $95, there is also an option to rent it for $15 a month, you will need to pay this $15 for each month that you wish to use it. There is also a free version available, unfortunately, there is not any indication as to what the limitations of this free version are.


There aren’t any actual reviews for the indicator, there are a couple of comments in which the creator of the indicator has made prompt replies which is a positive to the support being provided. As there are no reviews, we do not know how it is working for people who have used it (there are 20 activations so 20 people are currently using it/purchased it), so we would highly recommend that you download the free demo version, this way you are able to test it out and to make sure that it functions properly before having to make a purchase.


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