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ProjectX Automatic Trading Robot Advisor Review

Project X is an Expert Advisor that was published on the mql5 website by the author Oleg Popov, who has launched 4 separate products on the site. It was made available on January 28th of 2019 and last updated to version 5.0 in October of that same year.


Project X is an automated trading robot that follows scalping, grid, and intraday trading strategies with indicators and candlestick analysis inputs. The developer highlights several different ways that the EA can be used, such as closing a position at the opposite signal, different uses for stop loss, regeneration mode if losses are incurred, a specified timeframe for trading, and automatic calculation for input volume.


Historically, scalping and grid strategies can be risky, yet profitable, as scalping focuses on making small gains off multiple trades, while grid trading essentially creates a net that allows it to profit from the fluctuations in the market. Both work well with the intraday trading strategy, which focuses on buying and selling positions within the same trading day.

Service Cost

Traders can either rent the EA for $10 per month or purchase it for $120 USD. This only comes with 5 standard activations, so be sure to keep up with your current number of installations. It’s also possible to test the robot by downloading the free demo version.


Project X is a trading robot that uses several different strategies, including the riskier grid and scalping techniques, in combination with intraday trading. The robot could take some of the pressure off traders that often follow these methods, as it can require long hours sitting in front of the computer in order to place multiple trades. One of the best ways to check a product’s success is to read user reviews, and while this EA hasn’t received an overwhelming amount of feedback, it has received enough to let us know that it is a worthy option.

For example:

“I wake up every day to consistent profits from this EA. It has exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with it.” -hyperteddy

“It’s making profit and working well” -Syed

“So far decent profits on my live account. Good EA for the price.” -Todd

AS you can see, most traders have had good experiences with the product. Although the $120 price might be slightly intimidating for beginners, the $10 per month renting rate is the perfect option for anyone who is apprehensive about paying full price.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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