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Market Scalper Tool and Trade Simulator Review

Market Scalper Tool and Trade Simulator is a utility that was published to the mql5 marketplace in September of 2016. The author, Natthapol Vanasrivilai, has only published one other product on the site and last updated this indicator to version 1.4 in the month following its launch.


It’s easy to see why the developer included “Market Scalper” in this product’s name, as it was designed to aid the scalping process, which is a trading strategy that revolves around making profits off small price changes. “Take Profit” and/or “Stop Loss” are placed at a certain pip distance with the trade entry, resulting in a more efficient entry order. The other section of the name, “Trade Simulator”, is applied because this tool can be used within the MT4 Strategy Tester as a trading simulator so that traders can test their strategies in the accelerated trading environment.


Service Cost

This utility only costs $25 USD, which is pretty cheap for an indicator that comes with 10 activations. If you’d rather rent the product, then you will also have the option to do so for $10 per month. Risk-free demo accounts are included in the offer, so it would be beneficial to test one before renting or buying.


Market Scalper Tool and Trade Simulator is a multi-product that aids in scalping strategies and also performs as a trade simulator. Its 5-star rating is based on the following review:

“Market Monster!! Wonderful tool!!! Best EA on this website and I tried a lot! 😉 Good job man..” -Patrick

Naturally, this product works best for traders that prefer to use a scalping strategy, which is liked by some and disliked by others because scalping profits from smaller gains, so one large loss can defeat the progress that has been made in one fell swoop. Should you find that the product fits in with your strategy and fills a need for a trading simulator, then it would certainly be worth considering.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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