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Kiss on Billions Forex EA Review


The Kiss on Billions Forex robot is the result of years of active trading and in-depth research on thousands of Forex strategies and various forecasting tools. This was done with the sole goal of creating the science of online trading engineering. This EA combines several strategies and algorithms. Changing the price of each tick, and the maximum precision and speed, the robot works in fractions of a second.


An essential advantage of the Kiss on Billions EA is that you can start trading with a minimum initial broker deposit of only 300 USD. With this amount, the robot can support your transactions in EUR/USD.

This robot manages your account trading based on the following four processes:

  1. Activities before carrying out a transaction.

These measures concern monetary management and the establishment of new deposits where there are no open positions. Then, you have to forecast and find the trend, as well as check the transaction on any price change (tick), and already finally, you can determine the number and volume of orders.

  1. Opening activities of an operation.

Activities related to the management of the opening of a trade.

  1. Post-transaction activities work to protect transactions while working to achieve the highest possible returns.

These activities are found in two parts of trade investment. They combine various strategies and unique mathematical formulas to follow the current price and calculate the best closing time.

  1. Activities that are related to market exit or the termination of operations.

The measures relate to exit methods. In the first case, the total benefit of the transaction is achieved at the optimum point, in the second, the elimination of operations that are disadvantaged, motivated by a misalignment in the forecast or news that changes the atmosphere of the market. When its balance reaches a certain point, the robot removes these positions into small parts (partial closures) of the charming place.

Kiss on Billions Parameters
  • Symbol: EUR/USD (Each symbol creates its own patterns of movement)
  • Leverage of account: 1:100
  • Account (Stop Out): 50% or less.
  • Account type: Real account
  • Account Mode: Hedge Account
  • Symbol Information: according to the details of the Metaquotes-Demo account (This is very important. Only the maximum order volume and the number of orders or order limits, may be different.)
  • Get benefits: Automatic
  • Stop Loss: Automatic 
  • Batch Size: Automatically available
  • Final Stop: Automatic
  • Time frame: All time frames
  • Profit: More than 17.5 billion USD with an initial deposit of 300 USD: These results are based on a strategy tester and historical data.
  • Fully automated trade EA/ROBOT.
  • Manual Trade: Enable Manual Trade

Monitor the following continuously and on a daily basis:

  1. Confirm that you are using the EA with the EURUSD pair.
  2. Read through any updates and analyze any provided screenshots and comments.
  3. Do not close any open positions manually.
  4. Enter the number 1 in the parameter “Dtnoo.” to use the maximum robot power.
  5. Before lowering or increasing your deposit, turn off the automatic trading mode (Ctrl+E), and turn off the MT5 software.
  6. Read the latest instructions for using the robot. Download the complete data and update all timeframes.

After decreasing or increasing your deposit, turn on the MT5 software, and activate the automatic trading mode (Ctrl+E). The robot will return to its normal state.

Testing the Kiss the Billions robot:

  • To test the EA, make sure you can use the Metaquotes Demo account data.
  • Because the price data of the real account are diverse in different brokers.
  • Note that the configuration of the corresponding screen image must be entered according to the instructions.

Service Cost

The current price of this robot is $1,456 USD. Still, the comments of its users are mostly very positive, referring to the excellent direct communication with the creator, as well as allusions to the benefits that the users get with this system. It also seems that direct assistance from the creator is available, which is excellent. 


We know that the price is somewhat high, but we can advise its use given the positive experiences of the users and the recurring favorable cost-effectiveness obtained through its use. As mentioned above, the creator is readily available to assist users with setup and to answer any questions that traders might have. 


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