Is This Really The End Of The Crypto Market Rebound?


The Crypto Market Rebound: The crypto market has reached an important supply area and now has turned to the downside again. It remains to see how larger the corrective phase will be. Technically, a minor decrease was expected on all cryptocurrencies after the impressive upside movement.

There are all kinds of rumours that said that the crypto market will crash again and will reach fresh new lows. Personally, I still believe that the major cryptocurrencies could resume the upside movement and could reach fresh new highs.


Please take a look at one of my editorials (Is the crypto market sell-off natural?), and you will notice that I have talked about a correction on the cryptocurrencies. The rates need to accumulate more directional energy to be able to resume the upside movement.

All main cryptocurrencies have started an important rebound in the short term, but we still need a confirmation that may increase in the medium to the long-term again. That is why we need a corrective phase followed by an accumulation or maybe an extended sideways movement before we can say for sure that we may have a major upside movement.

I believe that the next major upside movement will be slower because the fundamental factors are very strong. We may have a rough period on the crypto market with all the regulation talks.

You should know that some cryptocurrencies could drop significantly and could die even if the crypto market returns to its bullish condition because not all projects are viable. The cryptocurrencies were driven higher by the bullishness of the overall crypto market, but this could change in the future.



Bitcoin dropped after another false breakout above the 50% Fibonacci line and after the failure to close above the third warning line. The price will drop much more only if will close and will stabilize below the sliding line (SL1). The rate could move towards the lower median line (LML) and towards the outside sliding line (SL) if the WL3 resistance will hold.

A further increase will be invalidated only by a drop below the outside sliding line (SL). However, we could go long on this crypto after a valid breakout above the WL3 and above the 50% Fibonacci line.


Ethereum has declined after the failure to reach the median line (ML) of the ascending pitchfork. The drop was somehow expected after the impressive breakout above the first warning line (WL1) of the descending pitchfork. The price has come back down to retest the broken WL1 of the descending pitchfork and now could increase again.

We may have another bullish movement as long as the rate stays above the WL1 and the 50% Fibonacci line (ascending dotted line). You should know that we will have a larger upside movement only after a valid breakout above the median line (ML).


You have noticed that the minor retreats were natural in the short term. Right now you don’t have to worry that the crypto market will crash again. Personally, I believe that only the fundamental factors could send the major cryptocurrencies down again. Otherwise, they should push up in the upcoming period.