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Introduction To Forex Course 3.0

Hola Readers! We have successfully completed the first two courses and received an amazing response for both of them. We can’t thank you enough for that. Also, we hope these first two courses have helped you in understanding the most fundamentals basics of the Forex market. It is very important to know these basics in order to succeed in the Forex market. We have made a quick navigation guide for both the courses just for you to access the articles easily.

You can find them here the guides for – Course 1.0 | Course 2.0


With all these basics in mind, we will be moving on to our new course, which is a bit different than the other two courses. We are saying this because the first two courses are more inclined towards information and theory. But Course 3.0 is all about Technical Analysis. Hence most part of it deals with the practical applications that are involved rather than just theory. The quizzes and everything remain as is, but a lot more effort from your side is required to ace the knowledge that we are going to provide in the lessons.

Having said that, Technical Analysis has the most logical approach to the prediction of price movement than the Fundamental & Sentimental Analysis. There are a lot of components within the technical analysis, and some of them include Price-Action trading, technical tools such as Indicators & Oscillators, Volume based trading, etc. In this course, we will be going through all of them in detail.

Topics that will be covered in this course 

Everything About Candlesticks

Support & Resistance Levels

Moving Averages

Popular Indicators & Oscillators

Fibonacci Trading

In each of the topics, there will be about 7 – 10 article lessons where complete information is provided related to the topics. Quizzes will be available for each of the articles like before.

We are proud to present this course to you as it is prepared by some of the top technical traders with great expertise in this field. Aren’t you excited? We wish you all the best in studying and learning the concepts with at most interest. Cheers!


By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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