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How to Get your Blockchain Startup Featured in the Media 


According to Statista, the worldwide total spending on blockchain technology reached $2.7 billion as of 2019; and is expected to soar up to $11.7 billion in 2022. Its current market valuation stands at $3.0 billion. Blockchain is only slightly over a decade old but shows so much potential for future investment. Little wonder, then, that companies in nearly every industry are rushing to capitalize on blockchain. 

Now, nearly every new company dreams of getting featured on the most coveted media platforms. But for a block-chain startup, this can be several times as challenging as it would for a non-blockchain startup. Most companies that get featured on are usually popular, predominant, unique companies that have made a massive shakeup in the blockchain world. As such, the only certain way to achieve this level of success is through relentless brand popularization. 

Creative marketing gets people in the cryptocurrency community and the general public talking about your business. So if you’re willing to take your blockchain start-up to the next level heights, here are some essential marketing tips to get you started.

#1. Create a Website 

In this digital era, many business ventures have taken advantage of the growing digital market. That said, you will notice most of these businesses have a well-designed website with valuable content about their products and services. 

Setting up an interactive and captivating website for your start-up is a key first step. The website should clearly define your company’s vision and mission. Token details, information about your business, solutions, and your team’s background are some of the info you should include. Other useful info would be visualized data or even frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

#2. Use Influencer Marketing

Partnering with a social media influencer to promote your company is another way to market your blockchain company. 

Influencers do not necessarily need to be a celebrity. Someone with a decent following in the blockchain community can generate enough traction for your business. Additionally, influencers lend credibility to your company. Ensure you are actively involved in creating the content; you can still have them share on their social media platforms.

As a blockchain start-up owner, you can also utilize the exchange marketing strategy (peer-to-peer marketing). This concept exploits the idea of treating users as informal influencers. This could include offering exclusive deals to your customers, such as free or extended access to products and tokenized loyalty rewards. These deals incentivize customers to spread the word about your company and its products to their social groups. 

#3. Build a Community of Followers

Blockchain technology is still evolving and fairly new. However, it’s quickly garnering a decent number of passionate followers. Thousands of enthusiastic users are actively engaging with one another on various social media networks and online forums.

For a blockchain start-up, it is important to update your followers on your company’s progress. One can actively connect with their audience by regularly posting new content about their projects on various online platforms. These may include Reddit, Telegram but not limited to the numerous messaging apps available. A strategy like this helps people understand more about your company and the products you offer. 

This marketing technique takes advantage of the most robust market space in our generation – social media. Social media can be used to effectively syndicate content while increasing your business’s visibility. 

#4. Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is a collaboration with a business /company that has a direct relationship with a market you intend to tap into. This marketing strategy is ideally built on a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties. It is important to ensure the company you partner with is not your direct competitor. Instead, partner with a company that compliments your business.

#5. Publish a White Paper

Before getting involved with your company, prospective investors and clients will set out to gather more information about your business. Publishing a white paper will help them understand the intricate technology your company is built on.

A white paper is an authoritative report issued by a company to promote the features of a solution a product or service offers. Publishing a white paper helps readers make informed decisions, understand an issue, or solve a problem in their space. For a start-up, you can present a problem and publish a white paper explaining how your blockchain product or service will solve it. You can then post your white paper on your website and other blockchain and crypto forums. 

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is a relatively young tech. And as such, the general public is oblivious of its existence or how it works. A strong marketing strategy will help you leverage your company’s potential to your target niche, and hopefully, that coveted space in the media. After a successful marketing campaign, your start-up company might very well be a candidate for a popular media feature. 


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