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GBPUSD Swing Reversal Sell

Flow Assessment

  • Buyers have been coming up slowly towards the H4 sellers area.
  • Higher highs are being made incrementally, not in a breakout fashion, suggesting a profit-taking move instead of a large order flow

Location Assessment

  • Price is at a key H4 sellers area
  • The recent buyers have been tested and are not able to make higher highs

Momentum Assessment

  • Price has penetrated above the H4 sellers area and taken out some breakout buyer’s buy stops, and the sellers have reacted strongly, suggesting clear defense of that area. This gives us the entry trigger.

Entry Price – Sell 1.2985

Stop Loss – 1.3015

Take Profit – 1.2953

Risk to Reward – 1:07

Profit & Loss Per Standard Lot = -$200/ +$212

Profit & Loss Per Micro Lot = -$20.0/ +$21.2

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By Reddy Shyam Shankar

I am a professional Price Action retail trader and Speculator with expertise in Risk Management, Trade Management, and Hedging.

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