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GBPJPY Consolidates in the Bearish Sentiment Zone


The GBPJPY cross continues moving by its seventh session in a row in a sideways channel turning in the neutral zone. However, since the last Thursday trading session, the price is consolidating in the bearish sentiment zone.

Technical Overview


The following 8-hour chart illustrates the 90-day high and low range, which exposes the market participants’ sentiment. The figure shows the price action moving around the pivot level at 137.877. Nevertheless, the close below the pivot level pulled the price toward the bearish sentiment zone.

Additionally, the strong bearish rejection in the price action decreasing from the extreme bullish sentiment zone of 140.296 toward the pivot level leads to suspect that the intraday upward movement developed on November 09th couldn’t be as strong as it seemed.

On the other hand, both the positive EMA(60) to Price Index and the 200-period moving average moving below the price, leads to the conclusion that the mid-term sentiment remains on the bullish side. In this regard, the short-term sideways channel’s breakdown could confirm the turning bias from bullish to bearish.

Short-term Technical Outlook

The GBPJPY cross short-term view and under the Elliott Wave perspective reveals the sideways progress in an incomplete corrective sequence that corresponds to wave B of Minor degree labeled in green.

The next 4-hour chart illustrates the advance in a broadening structural series that could correspond to a possible double-three pattern that ended once the price topped at 140.315 on November 11th.

If this scenario is correct, then the pair’s action should be advancing in wave C of Minor degree labeled in green. In this context, the GBPJPY cross should confirm the end of its internal corrective wave corresponding to wave (ii) of Minuette degree identified in blue. In this scenario, the bearish pressure could drag the price toward the end of wave A zone located between levels 133.70 and 133.

The alternative count considers the possibility that wave B of Minor degree remains incomplete and the internal structural series corresponds to a triple-three pattern. In consequence, the current downward move would correspond to the second wave ((x)) of Minute degree. If this scenario is valid, the wave (c) of Minuette degree in blue should have a limited decline, likely until the previous lows located between 135 and 134.

Finally, the invalidation level for both short-term scenarios locates at 140.315, which corresponds to the end of wave ((y)) in black.


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