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Forex Video Section This section delivers educational videos on Forex and cryptocurrency topics to the highest standard. we will cover one trading lesson per video starting with basic themes such as charting to more advanced and critical themes. Money management and position sizing, psychology, and trading system design are among the topics covered.

The New Cold War Between America & China & What It...

Forex Position Sizing Part 8 – Optimal F Revisited – Why...

Forex Position Sizing Part 7 – Optimal Fixed Fraction Trading!

Position Sizing Part 6 – The Kelly Criterion! How To Find...

Better Bid Or Better Offered – Determining Forex Trends!

Forex! China and USA the fire just got stoked – How...

Where Next for the Dow Jones US Elections In sight!

Position Sizing Part 5! Optimise your returns using the Percent Risk...

Forex Position Sizing Part 3 – The Advantage!

How to read a volatile chart! EURUSD Price Analysis…

Forex Options Part 15 Delta Neutral Strategies!

Forex Options Part 12… Buying a Straddle!

The Dollar Index & The COVID 19 Effect!

Forex Options Part 10 Buying a Backspread!

Forex Options Part 9 – Buying Naked Options!

Forex Options Part 8 – Market Overview of Option Strategies!

Forex Options Part 7 – Market Timing!

Forex Options Part 6 – Assessing options!

Forex Options Part 5 – Risk Profiles

Forex Options Part 4 – Volatility

Forex Options 3 – Option Pricing

Forex Options 2 – Intrinsic Value & Time Value

An Introduction To Forex Options Part 2- Step Up Your Game!

Ethereum’s Adoption Rate Exceeding Bitcoin! Ethereum's Adoption Rate Exceeds Bitcoin's Rate After 5 Years   One key metric suggests that Ethereum has enjoyed a much faster adoption rate as well as...

An Introduction To Forex Options Part1 – Step Up Your Game!

The US Printed More Money in June Than In Two Centuries!

The End Of The Retail Forex Trader?

How do public holidays affect the Forex market?

Forex GBPUSD Breakdown 14th-24th July 2020

Making Huge Profits In Gold buying the dips!

Forex! GBPUSD/Cable looks towards 1.3200!

Where Next for The Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Forex Analysis! What Next For The EURUSD!

Forex World Faces Another Economic Disaster Part 2!

The Forex World Faces Another Economic Disaster Part 1!

Fundamental Analysis For Novices! – Wholesale Inventories USA

Forex – China & Australia Tensions Build! A Critical Blow For...

Forex! What’s Driving Cable & Where You Should Be Trading!

Retail Traders Expect a $15,000 Bitcoin Value By 2020 End!

Forex Position Sizing – The Gamblers Fallacy!

Fundamental Analysis For Novices – Eurozone Services Sentiment!