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This section focuses on publications and analytical reports related to financial markets on a daily basis. Main Features Multiple asset-classes coverage Neutral assessment of market conditions Entry setups with relevant underlying price levels

Daily Market Update: G7 Summit

  News Commentary   All eyes will be on the upcoming G-7 meeting in Quebec as the summit comes at a time of escalating trade tensions between the U.S and

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – June 07th, 2018

Forex and indices trading signals for the end of the trading session of June 07th, 2018 and short-term forecast for the coming sessions. In this issue, we make a follow-up

Daily Market Update: Euro Strength, G7 Summit, Switzerland CPI Rose

  News Commentary     The Euro strengthened on rising bets that the European Central Bank (ECB) may soon announce it will start shooting off its massive bond purchase program.

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – June 06th, 2018

Hot Topics: US Trade Balance Falls. Euro raises supported by ending bonds debate. European Indices Move Sideways. US Trade Balance Falls The US Trade Balance deficit falls in April to

Today’s Canadian Data Disappoints – But Only Slightly

Canada's merchandise trade deficit narrowed to CAD 1.9 billion in April of 2018 from a downwardly revised CAD 3.9 billion in March and well below market expectations of a CAD

Daily Market Update: Raised GDP in Australia, NAFTA Pressures the Canadian,...

  News Commentary     The Australian dollar was supported by GDP growth numbers, which rose 1% in the first quarter of 2018, beating the estimated 0.8%. On an annualised

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – June 05th, 2018

FOREX MARKET NEWS AND ANALYSIS Hot Topics:  U.K. PMI Services helped the Pound Group to Show Reversal Signals. Main Pairs Against the US Dollar Keeps Consolidating. European Indices Close

GBPUSD & EURUSD Reversal Based On Gann’s 49-Day Cycle

  Most people associate Gann's work with angles and the Square of 9. What most people are not aware of is his day counts and specific time cycles, which

Daily Market Update: RBA Left Rate Unchanged, Great Britain Services PMI...

  News Commentary   Sterling Sterling was boosted by data showing that the British economy is exhibiting signs of recovering from its recent slowdown, reviving expectations that the Bank of

Forex and Indices – Daily Update

Hot Topics:  Major currencies show bullish signals against

Daily Market Update: Positive Data for the Australian Dollar and Sterling

  News Commentary   The Australian dollar opens the week higher as it has risen by stronger than expected retail sales today. The reading came in at 0.4% which was

Slight Change of Context

Weekly Update (June 4th – 10th) Macroeconomic Outlook Two main factors need to be considered initially this week- -          Outcome in Italy o   More expected -          Outcome in Spain o

Weekly Market Update: RBA Rate Statement, EU Politics, US-China Conflict

News Commentary US Investors have been watching the May jobs report closely on Friday for any clues on future monetary policy as maximum employment is one of the Federal

EURUSD Danger Zone, Total Capitulation Ahead

  This is a very, very dangerous zone. It was expected that price would find some difficulty finding direction at this level. There are two major angles along with

Bullish Economy at a Crossroad: Free Trade against Protectionism

      Underlying Events Last week’s volatility was fueled early Monday by Italy’s political instability as Italian president Sergio Mattarella refused to appoint Giuseppe Conte, a Eurosceptic, as Finance

Daily Market Update: US Jobs Report

  News Commentary   Investors will be watching the May jobs report closely today at 12:30 GMT, for any clues on future monetary policy as maximum employment is one

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – May 31st, 2018

Update On Forex Market Hot Topics: The U.S. Commerce Department announces tariffs to EU. Euro currency shows bullish signals against crosses. European Indices Continue the Selloff. The U.S. Commerce

XAUUSD Major Bear Move Ahead

The arc was holding as a strong support zone for gold, but we have ultimately seen it breakdown and out from that area. We have had an extended bear

Daily Market Update: Easing on Italy’s Politics, CAD Rate Statement, and...

  News Commentary   The Euro gained on Thursday as Italian parties renewed attempts to form a government, to calm down the concerns about the wider impact of a political

EUR:USD Pair Activity Over The Last 36 Hours

The EURUSD pair has had a very interesting run over the last 36 hours. After 3 attempts to crash through the 1.1525 key level, this turned into a floor and

Canadian Dollar Interest Rate Decision

The Canadian central bank maintained its overnight policy rate at 1.25% today and there were no surprises on the data release as some overnight swap rates had suggested a 90%

The US Dollar in Focus Today

  The ADP Non-farm Employment change came in at 178K (previous 163K and expected 190K) which did nothing to dampen the overall slide of the Dollar today, while lifting EURUSD

Daily Market Update: Release of US Prelim GDP, and Big Day...

  News Commentary   Italian President Sergio Mattarella assigned a former-IMF economist as a temporary Prime Minister. Now the eurozone’s third-largest economy, Italy will hold new elections in September 2018.

Forex and Indices – Daily Update for May 29th, 2018

FX Market Update Hot Topics: U.S. CB Consumer Confidence in May Slightly Below the Analysts' Expectations. RBA Board Member says "who cares what's happening to house prices." The indices sell-off

Daily Market Update: US- North Korea Summit, Italian Politics, and Negotiations...

  News Commentary     The news has featured that the U.S.-North Korea summit is back on track. North Korea and the US are starting the preparations for the June

Daily Market Update: Italy’s Politics

  News Commentary   Today is a quiet day on data, as it’s Memorial Day for the United States and a Bank Holiday in the UK. Globally, reporting will be

Weekly Market Update: Non-farm Employment Change, Euro CPI, and CAD Cash...

  News Commentary   A lot of events and dates are about to be released this week. Major readings that could shake the market, so, we will show the possibilities

Transitioning Week

Macroeconomic Outlook Bearing in mind the  current situation of the markets, it would be necessary to take positions in line with the three P strategy: Priority Preserve Patience It

Daily Market Update: Cancellation of the US-North Korea Summit, GB Second...

  News Commentary The market reacted to the news that U.S. President Donald Trump decided to cancel a planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “I have decided

Daily Market Update: FOMC Meeting, Summit with North Korea, and US-China...

  News Commentary   In the FOMC meeting yesterday, the Fed showed that it would endure inflation rising above its goal for a time. Policymakers also expect another interest rate

Indices Broke Down Their Bullish Trendlines

Hot Topics: Indices Broke Down Their Bullish Trendlines. Euro Group Close to Find a Short-Term Bottom. US Dollar Climbs Before Minutes Release.   Indices Broke Down Their Bullish Trend

XAUUSD Resting On A Key Area, Breakdown Imminent

    XAUUSD   [caption id="attachment_19169" align="alignnone" width="2466"] XAUUSD resting on capitulation zone[/caption] XAUUSD is resting on a very key area and trend line. It is already trading within

Daily Market Update: FOMC Meeting, Euro PMI, Great Britain CPI

  News Commentary   The Fed kept the interest rates unchanged in their last meeting. The Fed also expressed confidence that inflation could hit its 2% target. Investors will look

Negotiations Between US-China Support Indices Advances

FINANCIAL MARKET UPDATE TODAY Hot Topics: Indices continue soaring boosted by US-China negotiation progress. UK Government seeks to pay its national debt. The price action between EURUSD and USDCHF show

How the US-China Trade War “On Hold” Affected the Market

    News Commentary   US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said the US trade war with China is “on hold”. Investors now hope that this particular pause will

Expansive Economic Cycle Still Supports Markets

Macroeconomic Outlook The past week was mainly influenced by two relevant factors: Oil Price o   It has reached the benchmark of $80 per barrel o   It has raised concerns

Italy and the Two Children Policy Drive the Markets

Hot Topics: Majors against US Dollar shows exhaustion signals. European indices close the mixed trading session. GBPNZD arrives at our PRZ aided by the two children policy announced in

Daily Market Update: New Zealand Retail Sales

  News Commentary     The Reserve bank of New Zealand has put rate hikes on hold and appears to be in no rush to raise interest rates until next

Weekly Market Update: FOMC & ECB Meetings

    News Commentary   We are looking forward to another busy calendar week for most assets, followed by many important readings and announcements from central banks, to see how

Forex and Indices – Daily Update – EURAUD Potential 2B Pattern

Hot Topics: Indices consolidate at their highs in the last trading session of the week. Swiss Franc shows the first reversal signals, Pound and Euro still consolidate. GBPNZD –

Daily Market Update: Canadian CPI

  News Commentary   Canadian Inflation and retail sales numbers on Friday could fuel expectations of a rate hike if they point to strong readings. Inflation in Canada has been higher

Forex and Indices – Daily Update May 17th, 2018

Hot Topics:  Main currencies consolidate levels against the Dollar. Is a new strength cycle to the Euro upcoming? Indexes continue rising Main currencies consolidate levels against the dollar. EURUSD

Daily Market Update: Eurozone Outlook

News Commentary The German Final CPI results were not unexpected. The indicator dropped to 0.0%, marking a 3-month low. The Eurozone Final CPI went to 1.2%, down from 1.3%

Forex and Indices Daily Update – May 16th, 2018

Hot Topics: Currencies against the Dollar could be completing internal cycles. EURAUD - Closing partials and moving SL. GBPNZD - More falls are expected. Indices continue consolidating. Currencies against the

Daily Market Update: Euro Zone CPI

San Francisco Fed President John Williams said the Neutral rate will stay at 2.5% despite stronger growth. He noted that “some economists and central bankers have pointed to signs that

No Reason to Sell

  Macroeconomic Outlook   Lots of Macro this week - -Better at the ending of the week than at its beginning At the end of the week, we'll  have some American

DAX 30 Consolidating at 13,000 Points

Hot Topics: DAX 30 continues consolidating close to 13,000 pts. EURUSD could make a new connector. The United Kingdom keeps its unemployment rate at 4.2% in April. DAX 30

Daily Market Update: Raise In US Bond Yields, UK Average Earnings...

The dollar found momentum as the bond yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury raised to 3.025%, the highest level in three weeks. A rise above the high of 3.035% reached on

EURUSD Total Capitulation Ahead, Target 1.08 and Beyond

The future ahead is extremely bearish. I'm talking > 1,000 pips bearish. I'm talking close to parity with the USD bearish. Leaving out the myriad of Financial Astrology analyses

Daily Market Update: No Volatility for Markets

It has been a quiet day for any news or announcements that can calm the volatility of the markets. Yesterday, Trump commented on progress in the US-China trade talks. “China