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This section will cover educational articles about central banks, economic drivers and fundamental indicators. The aim is to show the prospect trader the economic drivers that influence and move the currency prices. Fundamental drivers are the force that creates prolonged trends. on this section, we will explain most of them starting by interest Rates, GDP, Government debt, Inflation, Unemployment rate, Balance of trade and many others related to labor, mone, business, trade, housing, consumer, taxes and housing.

Comprehending ‘Capital Flows’ As A Macro Economic Indicator

Introduction Capital Flow is a useful indicator to assess the relative strength of economies and sectors within an economy. Capital always tends to flow towards...

Forex Fundamental Indicator – What you need to know about the...

There are several components that make up fundamental analysis, but one of the most influential indicators is The Gross Domestic Product and the GDP growth rate. GDP is a well-known metric of economics and is one of the most important components when doing your fundamental analysis due diligence of a currency pair.

Fundamental Analysis – A Brief Introduction

Most traders just focus and use technical analysis (TA) to make trade decisions, but they forget that trading is connected with value. The perceived value of an asset is what makes the market move up and down. And the perception of that value by the market is directly related to the fundamental information available.