Forex Market Analysis

EURUSD Total Capitulation Ahead, Target 1.08 and Beyond

The future ahead is extremely bearish. I’m talking > 1,000 pips bearish. I’m talking close to parity with the USD bearish. Leaving out the myriad of Financial Astrology analyses, the pure geometric configuration of the EURUSD chart shows impending doom over the next few months.

This chart is showing one of the most dangerous and bearish setups the EURUSD has seen in years. Consider that the new Square of 90 starts soon (June 18th, 2016) and we always see major trend changes at the end/beginning of a new Square of 90. The last time we had a new Square was back on February 3rd, 2013. Also, if you observe the monthly chart, we have a very high likely hood of being in the very beginning of a 3rd wave lower, very possibly near parity with the USD at 1.01. Either way, expect the rest of the year in the EURUSD to display very large and expansive trading moves that will continue into the 2nd quarter of next year. The bullish bias has yet to show itself, and when it does, I will post on that possibility. Otherwise, extremely bearish drives ahead.


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