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EURJPY: Can we Profit Short-Term?



The EURJPY cross advances in a corrective sequence that began on September 01st; this corrective movement looks incomplete. The short-term Elliott wave outlook foresees a limited recovery prior to its a coming decline corresponding to its fifth wave.

Technical Big Picture

The EURJPY cross, in its 12-hour chart, illustrates an incomplete downward sequence that began on September 01st when the price found fresh sellers at level 127.075. 

The previous figure exposes an upwards structural series subdivided into three-wave identified in Minute degree and labeled in black, which began on the May 06th low located at 114.397 and ended on the September 01st high when the price topped 127.075. 

Once the price found fresh sellers at 127.075, the cross started to retrace, developing a three-wave sequence identified in the Minuette degree labeled in blue. Until now, wave (c) doesn’t show bullish reversal signals, which lead us to expect further declines.

The short-term key supports and resistance levels are as follows:

  • Resistance 1: 123.160
  • Resistance 2: 124.233
  • Resistance 3: 124.999
  • Pivot Level: 122.377
  • Support 1: 121.144
  • Support 2: 120.271
  • Support 3: 119.311

Technical Outlook

The short-term outlook for EURJPY illustrated in its 3-hour chart reveals the intraday consolidation, which coincides with the progress of its fourth wave of Subminuette degree labeled in green.

In this regard, the market participants could mostly drive the price toward the supply zone between 122.550 and 122.890, from where the EURJPY cross could start developing the next decline corresponding to its fifth wave identified in green.

The potential target zone of the next decline locates between 121.038 and 120.051, which coincides with the base-line of the descending channel that extends from the September 01st high to date. 

Finally, the invalidation level of the downward scenario locates at 123.402.


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