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EURJPY Advances Toward Key Supply Zone


In our latest EURJPY analysis, we commented on its advance in an incomplete corrective structure identified as a triangle pattern, which remains in development since mid-2014.

Technical Overview

Also, we saw that the mid-term trend looks like an incomplete corrective structure, which seems to advance in a wave B of Minor degree, labeled in green. Moreover, the structure observed previously unveiled the progress in an incomplete wave ((b)), identified in black, which should develop a bounce toward the supply zone between 125.285 and 126.123.

The price action is currently seen advancing in its wave (c) of Minuette degree, labeled in blue, which has now reached the supply zone between 125.285 and 126.123 forecasted in our previous analysis.

On the other hand, the current wave (c), in blue, that remains in development could extend its gains toward the psychological barrier of 126, where the cross could start to decline to the wave ((c)), in black. This bearish sequence, possibly developed with five internal segments, should complete the wave B of Minor degree, in green.

Short- term Technical Outlook

The EURJPY in its 2-hour chart reveals the internal structure created by the wave (c), in blue, which shows the intraday ascending channel plotted in green. The price action that has surpassed the ascending channel’s upper line suggests the rise of the third wave of Subminuette degree labeled in green that is in progress.

In this context, according to the Elliott Wave theory, once the EURJPY completes the advance of the third wave, in green, the cross should experience a limited decline corresponding to the fourth wave in green. This drop could reach the demand zone between 124.931 and 125.128, where the price could find fresh buyers expecting the price to head toward new highs.

The fifth wave’s potential target zone, in green, is located between 125.939 and 126.497. In this area, the cross could complete the wave ((b)) of Minute degree in black. 

Finally, the invalidation level of this intraday bullish scenario is found at 124.566, which corresponds to the top of the first wave of Minute degree.


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