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Econ Power Trader Review

Econ Power Trader was created by independent trader Leo Castle. You probably haven’t heard his name before, although he has worked for several banks and funds on Wall Street for the last 12 years. 


Econ Power Trader is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses adaptive technology to trade the news and reacts to big spikes in the market that are caused by world events. The system uses technology that is advertised to help skip losing trades with minimal risk and low drawdown, while allowing traders to profit from news events with 20%, 50%, or more in profits. Here are a few more facts about the software:

  • Beginner-friendly with easy installation 
  • Uses Adaptive News Trading Technology (AINTT) for higher accuracy
  • Uses a tight stop-loss no higher than 15 to 20 pips on every trade to reduce risk along with double trailing stop protection
  • Trades on most major pairs
  • Does not use risky grid or martingale strategies
  • “Strategically identifies high impact news for any given day, then utilizes pending orders above and below the current price action”

The website spends a lot of time talking about the 70%, 1700%, and 1469% profits that the robot has brought in for the developer without ever requiring them to place a single trade themselves. One of the primary marketing points for the system is a high reward to risk ratio.  

Service Cost

The product’s website doesn’t actually provide the minimum deposit requirement, which leaves us a bit on the fence considering that this could be anything from around $50 into the thousands. The good news is that the website mentions that it is possible to start with a small account with little to no experience, so we expect the asking amount to be on the smaller side. A money-back guarantee is advertised for the first 30 days after purchase. There are two price options for acquiring the product:

  • Pay $297 per year (equating to roughly $24 per month)
  • Purchase a lifetime license for $497

The lifetime purchase is the most economically savvy option in the long run, while the yearly price is cheaper in the short-term. You’ll need to decide which option is the best based on what you’re willing to pay and how long you plan on using the robot. 


Econ Power Trader was designed to be a speedy and efficient system that profits by trading the news using AINTT technology. It was created by professional trader Leo Castle, who has spent a lot of time working for banks on Wall Street. The system was designed to trade the news with a high reward ratio versus risk, meaning that traders should either profit pretty significantly or only lose enough money to put a small scratch on their account per trade, according to the developer.

The system also employs several features to help limit losses, such as avoiding historically dangerous strategies and using a stop loss and double trailing stop protection on every trade. User reviews are not provided on the product’s actual website, but those that are looking for feedback can find several other product reviews online. We were left feeling a little disappointed that these results were posted by other websites and that there weren’t more honest user reviews out there, but the safety, promises, and 30-day money-back guarantee offered by this trading robot seem promising, nonetheless. 


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