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A Crypto daily topic is a hot piece of news, amazing fact about cryptocurrencies or some aspect of it in regards to trading, regulatory, market manipulation, heated debates in social networks, and the like.
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Where to Discuss Bitcoin: Top Bitcoin Forums You Should Join

Bitcoin is not just a currency. It's a revolution that has inspired an entire movement of believers, enthusiasts, and diehards. These groups of people have carved out spaces online and offline to exclusively talk and discuss everything about Bitcoin from the present, to the future, to prices, market trends, and everything in between.
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Altcoins with Lightning Network Support

Satoshi Nakamoto's vision was for Bitcoin to be a digital currency that could be transferred between users in a fast and secure manner. However, if he intended for the network to one day compete with established payment systems, then he probably did not take into account the scalability level that Bitcoin would need for that to be possible.

The Best 6 Crypto-Lending Platforms And Their Pros And Cons

Most crypto holders believe trading is the only way to make money from their crypto holdings. On the contrary, cryptocurrency today offers many possibilities for individuals to boost their crypto savings and grow their investments. One of these is via crypto lending, whereby you loan out part of your crypto assets and earn interest.
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6 Online Stores Where You can Buy Games with Bitcoin

The number of service providers that accept Bitcoin grows day by day. Nowadays, you can use Bitcoin to pay for all manner of things, from furniture to food to laptops to college. And now, Bitcoiners who are also gaming enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate.

Top 10 Crypto Traders And Blockchain Experts To Follow On Twitter

The world of crypto trading can be murky. To a large extent, this is attributable to the still-novel nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It can also be due to the sheer volatility of the markets that can catch even the most experienced trader off-guard at any time.

How to Cash Out Your ICO Proceeds

Almost every week, we hear of another new crypto project being launched that will solve an existing problem or fill a gap in the crypto ecosystem. Even if it's not geared towards the crypto space, entrepreneurial types may be interested in starting a crypto-related business.

12 Most Popular Telegram Channels for Crypto Trends, Investing, and Trading 

Crypto subjects are not for the faint of heart. They're sometimes highly technical by nature, and with the unpredictable prices of the crypto market, it can be harder to keep up with what's going on. Of course, when it comes to crypto trading, every latest piece of news of your favorite crypto is important. This is true for the traditional stock market, but even more so for the crypto market, which is affected by the smallest events.

Ethereum 2.0: Ethereum’s new dawn

Ethereum, the world’s most popular blockchain platform for decentralized applications, is undergoing a revolution, and it promises to be BIG! If you are savvy with the developments in the tech

15 Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Podcasts To Follow In 2020

The blockchain and crypto space can be quite intimidating for anyone trying to find their way for the first time. Granted, most people want to get straight to the basics of crypto trading, selling, and buying.

Blockchain vs Tangle: All you need to know

The issue of blockchain's scalability is as old as blockchain itself. If you're the tiniest bit familiar with the technology, chances are you're aware of the blockchain's inability to support millions of transactions at a scale that would enable it to compete with current money transfer systems such as Visa. 

The Bitcoin Halving Aftermath – Trends and Implications

The third Bitcoin halving event, which happened on May 11, brought mining rewards from 12.5 BTC down to 6.25 BTC per block. This halving raised many questions, mostly on the topic of how the price will react to the halving and if Bitcoin has already "priced in" the halving.

Future Ready Economies: 5 Countries With a National Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based currency that's faster, has lower transaction fees, prevents the problem of double-spending, and facilitates confidential transactions. These features have a massive appeal for any currency.

Will dot Crypto Domains Phase Out The Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies has always been complicated. You always have to deal with the rather complex crypto addresses. But all this is about to change with the introduction of .crypto domains by Unstoppable Domains to the crypto world. According to the software company, the .crypto domains will gradually phase out the need for complicated wallet addresses.

How to Build a Long-term Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Historical data shows that the crypto market has returned over 900% since 2017. Of course, the journey hasn't been all smooth, as evident from the often unprecedented dip and high trends of the market. But in the long haul, its valuation has been increasing as more investors join the trade. 

How Safe Are Bitcoin Casinos? 

According to a recent research article, about $4 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen through security breaches in 2019. Mostly, these hacks targeted exchanges that hold a significant amount of cryptos in hot wallets - which are vulnerable to attacks thanks to their online status.  And hackers are continually innovating new ways of leveraging loopholes, and even outdoing the current cybersecurity measures used by most crypto-asset holding services. 
Best Crypto wallets for iOS

12 Best Crypto Wallet for iOS: The Most Secure Multicurrency Apps

About eleven years since we had the first cryptocurrency, the asset class is more popular than ever. Millions of people are using cryptocurrencies as a store of value, as a trading instrument, and still, others are using the asset class as an exchange of value.

Hyperledger Fabric – A blockchain based enterprise solution

Blockchain is the future. Yes, the technology powering cryptocurrencies has incredible potential to change how institutions and industries work – and our very lives. When you’re talking about radical transparency
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Why You Shouldn’t Join Crypto Signal Groups And What To Do...

The allure of cryptocurrency has drawn millions into the craze. The stories of people becoming millionaires overnight during the 2017 boom are too irresistible. As such, it's easy to have an unrealistic view of how people make money off crypto trading.

Craig Wright Compared To Jesus amid His Book Being Dropped By...

One of the tenets of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, is complete transparency. It’s therefore ironic (wonderfully so) that ten years after its launch, the world doesn’t know who its creator is, Or was. Predictably, that has led to a flurry of speculation about who designed Bitcoin, with many names being advanced as the possible candidates for the mystery creator. However, the candidates named as the potential creators have all but declined the suggestion.
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Crypto Glossary: Most Popular Crypto & Blockchain Terms and Phrases

The crypto and blockchain worlds are oftentimes referred to as cryptoverse or blockchain verse for simply being an independent and relatively new financial ecosystem. From the concepts to the unique language, it can be overwhelming to play catch up with all the words and phrases, especially if you are new to the trade. For instance, what is a blockchain? What does "HODL" or "mooning" mean?

How Blockchain is Being Deployed to Support Anti-Coronavirus Efforts All over...

Blockchain is being used in the fight against Covid-19, the novel disease that emanated from China's Wuhan in December last year and has spread to almost every territory in the world. As at the time of writing, 98, 387 people have died from the disease, and a 1, 633, 083 others have been infected. 

How Ponzi Schemes Work – Everything Explained in steps

Ponzi schemes are financial fraud schemes that many investors know they need to watch out for, but they don’t actually know what exactly they are, or even how to watch out for one. Never mind that clever scammers are constantly improvising new ways to cheat unsuspecting investors out of their savings. And though the idea behind a Ponzi scheme is the same, it can be bent in many ways to con others.

Bitcoin’s Path to $1 Million: A Mere Speculation or Inevitable Reality? 

nEver since Bitcoin hit an all-time high bull run in 2017, there has been speculation about its potential to hit the $1 million mark. 

Merged Mining and Its Potential for Mitigating Halving Effects for Bitcoin...

Bitcoin and Litecoin are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has long maintained peak position in market capitalization, with Litecoin not far behind...

Will Crypto Become the Next Global Reserve Currency? 

It is estimated that more than 60% of all U.S. dollars are used out of the United States of America. This signifies the dollar's dominance as the preferred global currency; a position it has held for close to 76 years. It's dominance can be traced back to the Bretton Woods Conference in 1994, where the participating countries agreed to link their native currency to the U.S. dollar, making it a global reserve currency. 

The Two ‘Flash Loan’ Attacks That Shook DeFi

Two attacks took the DeFi world by storm recently in what is the first DeFi major security incident. bZx, a decentralized finance protocol on Ethereum’s blockchain, endured two separate attacks after unknown persons manipulated “flash loans” and managed to drain nearly hundreds of thousands of Ether.

An Investor Loses $45m worth of Crypto via a SIM Attack 

The crypto community is still reeling from the news of an alleged theft of $45 million worth of crypto from an investor through a SIM-swap attack. The attack is thought to have been a $30M Bitcoin Cash Attack and a $15m Bitcoin attack.

Whale Transfers and Their Influence on Bitcoin Price

If you are a bitcoin enthusiast or trader, you probably know that the markets are prone to price swings triggered by such things as government regulations, market news, and the

Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin fans across the world look forward to a special event every four years. This event is the Bitcoin halving, christened 'halvening' by the...

Are Bots Manipulating the Crypto Market?

Cryptocurrency nowadays is a far cry from the time it was introduced to the world. With nearly 3,000 cryptocurrencies and more investors moving in to cash on this digital asset, cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever.

Calculate Risk-Reward along with Candle’s Attributes

In today’s lesson, we are going to demonstrate an example of the importance of risk-reward. To be successful in price action trading, traders are to calculate risk-reward before every single entry they execute. Let us find out from the charts below the importance of risk-reward.

Is EOS.IO Controlled By The Chinese Government?

EOS has something of a celebrity status in cryptoverse. The cryptocurrency broke into the scene in 2018 after the largest Initial Coin Offering in history – a staggering $4.1 billion.

Is Quantum Technology a Threat to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin’s underlying technology – blockchain – is hailed as an unrivaled, ultra-secure technology. And it’s true – Bitcoin’s cryptographic encryptions are some of the strongest in contemporary times. However, as is the norm with technology, the reality of ‘bigger and better’ is always looming.

Should You HODL or Sell Your Cryptocurrencies?

It is often said that the stock market is a tool for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. This notion can be said to be true for the cryptocurrency market, too, since the two markets are similar in many ways. Just like you would with stocks, you can buy, sell, or hold onto cryptocurrencies for an extended period. 

What Does It Take to become a Blockchain Developer? [Updated]

In the crypto world, blockchain technology is essentially a ledger system on which cryptocurrency transaction data is recorded. Every entry is permanent and immutable, meaning it can't be altered in any way. The data is then verified through consensus by multiple nodes, which are basically computers, making the technology secure and reliable. 

What Is Rootstock (RSK): Understanding The Most Popular Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin technology has played a phenomenal role in revolutionizing the global finance industry. Finance industry players, retail companies, and individuals understand this, hence its massive adoption across all industries. But Rootstock (RSK) sidechain developers believe that Bitcoin blockchain could be doing more. And that limitations in scalability, transaction processing, and lack of support for smart contracts the dominant cryptocoin is facing today are its biggest hindrances.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies 

About 10 or 11 years ago, the world couldn't have foreseen a new class of digital currencies that would threaten to upset the global financial order. As of now, cryptocurrencies are firmly the leading tradable asset - overtaking others that were since the beginning of trading. And a cryptocurrency that's not even out yet - Libra, sent economic experts into a panic mode as they decried the influence it would have on the world's finance system. 

What is Bumo Blockchain?

Before we say a single thing about Bumo blockchain, we need to talk about blockchain. Blockchain is a publicly distributed ledger that records transactions between parties permanently, transparently, and in a peer-to-peer manner.  

Here are The Weirdest Cryptocurrencies

Nothing is more democratic than cryptocurrencies. Being decentralized, peer-to-peer and having almost no barrier for entry, it means that anyone can come up with their idea of what they consider as a unique addition to the crypto space, which is why we have 2000+ cryptocurrencies in existence today. 

Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency Loans? 

Cryptocurrencies have generated a variety of opportunities for investors to make money. Perhaps the most common one is the commercialization of mining, which by itself is rewarding, but the overhead costs can sometimes exceed the rewards. 

The Major Crypto hacks in history.

The crypto world has almost gotten used to stories of hacking by now. Almost every month, a crypto exchange suffers a security breach that puts user information and funds at risk. Some of the time, the exchange manages to recoup the lost funds, other times, not so much. 

Is Quadratic Voting the Path to Fair Governance?

The current world's state of affairs could use more representation, more equity, and more fairness. From disproportionate distribution of resources to corruption to inequalities to the monopolization of technologies for the benefit of the wealthy, the current system is massively fractured. Unfortunately, these issues get trampled on as people lack a clear voice with which to voice their disenfranchisement. 

Is Ripple a Cryptocurrency?

Ripple has long generated a lot of debate as to whether it’s even a cryptocurrency after all. Crypto enthusiasts and experts have always been at loggerheads on whether Ripple meets

How Blockchain can Improve Trade Finance

Blockchain technology continues to dominate headlines across the world thanks to its revolutionary solutions. In fact, an almost never-ending list of projects have been rolled out in various industries, demonstrating the benefits of this technology. 

Tips to Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies present a world of possibilities. Trading in cryptos can be a thrilling endeavor, not just because of their novelty but also their volatility. Many traders and investors - new

Your Complete Guide to Using Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

While trading cryptocurrency is fairly straightforward, it can be quite a draining task trying to keep tabs on market trends, considering that the crypto market never closes. On top of it all, the unpredictable market's volatility doesn't make things easier for both new and experienced crypto traders. This is where trading bots come into play. 

Does Your Business Really Need Blockchain?

Blockchain has been getting a lot of attention lately. And this is because it brought with it game-changing capabilities that the business world had not seen before. As a result, many industries are scrambling to get a piece of the blockchain action. 

2local – Environmentally Conscious, Blockchain-Powered Marketplace

Environmental sustainability is an issue that keeps a lot of environment-conscious people awake at night these days. With scientists ringing the alarm louder than...

What is Graftroot: Here is Everything you need to know

Bitcoin is famously pseudonymous, meaning while your transactions are not directly linked to you and you don't use your real name while transacting on the network, a Bitcoin address can still be traced to you by a person that's determined enough. This is an issue that Bitcoin users have always grappled with: a lack of guaranteed privacy. 

The Eighteenth Million Bitcoins Will have Be Mined by the of...

This week marks a milestone in the life of the world’s first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin., the cryptocurrency monitoring platform, reported that the total Bitcoins in circulation had reached 17.72