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A Crypto daily topic is a hot piece of news, amazing fact about cryptocurrencies or some aspect of it in regards to trading, regulatory, market manipulation, heated debates in social networks, and the like.

What’s Illicit Crypto Mining?

The value of cryptocurrencies has been on a steady rise in recent years. Even if the market itself has experienced a downturn, the collective idea of crypto as an asset continues to be alluring, driving in more interested investors. 

Can Blockchain Help the Protection of Human Rights?

Blockchain was created with a new dawn of finance in mind. But more than ten years later, it's proving to be the tech that could finally heal many ills of modern-day society. One of these is the violation of human rights all across the globe. 

Why Should You Pay with Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin has been around slightly over a decade now. In that span, it has undergone several stages to become the formidable currency we know today. We remember the infamous event when someone paid 10,000 bitcoins for pizzas. Back then, Bitcoin was worth $41 - a sharp contrast to today's value of $11, 645.40. 

A Definitive Guide to Bitcoin Forks and How to Claim Them

A split in the Bitcoin network is referred to as a Bitcoin fork. A Bitcoin fork results from an alteration of some original Bitcoin rules resulting in a similar coin with slight changes.

A Comparison of Decentralized Storage Services: Bluzelle vs. Filecoin

How you store your data is critical, now more than ever. With the Information Technology center becoming more significant and vital, more storage is required to scale up.

Mobile Devices Cryptocurrency Scams

The features of cryptocurrency, such as having no central regulating authority, being immutable, and having relative anonymity, makes it a high-profile target of hackers. And these days, more people own and spend time on mobile phones than they do on PCs. Crypto hackers are well aware of this and have mastered the art of targeting user funds using deceptive mobile apps. 

Challenges Facing Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance involves the use of public blockchains in the monetary systems. It is a new fiscal scheme, thus has a lot of hot debates surrounding it. The term 'public' is fundamental and is relatable to that of the Ethereum public blockchain. A public blockchain has no room for centralized authority. 

The Upsides and Downsides of Trading Forex with Bitcoin

Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading are the most popular investments for the modern investor. Forex trading, in particular, is the largest trading market in the globe - operating every single hour of every single day.  Cryptocurrencies, which have become uber-popular in less than a decade, have injected a very interesting dimension to the investment landscape. 

How Blockchain Can Transform Social Impact Investing

The creation of purposeful change and innovation in communities is always at the center stage of social impact finance. Such impact investments make use of the most recent technological innovations and continuously challenge the status quo. 

The Reality of a Cashless Society 

As the world economy transitions to a digital paradigm, there has been a steep decline in cash use. The shift in payment model was a long time coming since the invention of debit cards and electronic payments platforms a few decades ago. With the advent of online retail stores and fintech payment apps, the use of cash has declined even more, bringing the convenience of making secure transactions from anywhere in the world. Banks have also stepped up their operations by offering online banking services, thereby creating a sustainable cashless ecosystem for seamless transactions. 

How Blockchain Technology Can Empower Influencers and Content Creators

Every advertising model in the history of marketing has experienced a plateau effect after a period of massive success. From the era of billboards, audio-visual mediums, to print media, advertising agencies have learned not to be fixated on one advertising model if indeed they want to keep up with the dynamic consumers' behavior and connect with the target audience. This explains why digital advertising, as a new marketing strategy, has become increasingly popular among advertising agencies. By 2021, statistics show that the digital advertising budget will grow to more than $330 billion. 

How Blockchain Can Transform the Tourism Industry 

Since the introduction of online flight booking, the global tourism industry has grown exponentially - thanks to the convenience of making flight reservations from a mobile device. Despite the efficiency brought by such technologies, the travel industry is populated by a myriad of intermediary companies that make traveling quite a hassle. From flight companies, travel agents, tour operators, to destination management companies, all of which defeat the purpose of using travel solutions for convenience. Additionally, throughout the travel, customers' data is exchanged numerous times, which ends up compromising their privacy, especially if the systems used aren't secure enough. 

What does Blockchain technology have in store for the Insurance Industry 

The insurance industry has had a tough time trying to adapt to maturing markets, economic turbulence, and dynamic customer preferences. This has forced insurers to seek a "winning formula'' that will ensure profitability and sustainable long-term growth in an industry overwhelmed by constant disruptions. Part of the 'winning formula' for most insurance firms is integrating newer technologies and business-model innovations into their legacy environments. 

6 Blockchain can Transform Human Resources Management 

In a world where the talent pool is in a constant influx of professionals, hiring the right person for an open position is quite overwhelming for any human resources (HR) department. Recruiters often have to go through numerous résumés, conduct interviews, and chase down references to find the right candidate for a job position. Even with the advent of career networking sites such as LinkedIn and Google jobs, finding qualified professionals is far from seamless. 

What’s Yield Farming?

The newest and hottest DeFi trend in town is 'yield farming.' And no, it has nothing to do with rain and crops and granaries. Instead, 'DeFiers', or DeFi fans, have latched onto the metaphor to describe interest or 'yield' that's achieved when they put to use crypto assets such as Dai, USDC, and USDT into DeFi platforms such as Compound. 

Best Security Token Issuance Platforms 

Thanks to blockchain, asset tokenization is now a possibility. This is the process of converting the ownership rights of real-world assets into digital rights on the blockchain. Assets are tokenized to improve their market liquidity, and also to open up your asset to a global market through the power of blockchain. 

A Guide to DeFi Investing

DeFi. The newest buzzword in blockchain and crypto. What is it, and why should you pay attention? You should because it's an exciting new...

Why the United States Senate is Mulling over Digitizing the Dollar

About two years ago, the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), particularly in the United States, seemed far away in the future. Sure, there have been several studies exploring the implementation and use cases of CBDCs, but to the average person, the concept was still unclear. Fast forward two years, the Senate Banking Committee tabled a bill known as "Banking For all Act" that seeks to digitize the U.S.U.S. dollar. 

Gold Vs Bitcoin: Which one is a Better Long-term Investment?

The most striking difference between gold and Bitcoin is that the former is a tangible asset. At the same time, the latter is an...

 Who is Vitalik Buterin?

The name Vitalik Buterin is perhaps the most recognized in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, after Bitcoin's pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Buterin, 26, is one of the people who has made groundbreaking contributions to this space. He pretty much changed the face of cryptocurrency and blockchain by introducing Ethereum - a tour de force that unleashed the true power of blockchain. 

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Everyone has heard of folks that became millionaires from Bitcoin trading. Of course, trading Bitcoin is no guarantee that you're going to wake up super rich. It takes smart calculation and healthy doses of patience to realize a tangible ROI. 

Top 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets

Did you know that Bitcoin is not anonymous? Yes, your public address can be used to link your transactions with your real identity. This is obviously,  not ideal because if it happens, an attacker will stop at nothing to hack your account. And at this point, you already know that crypto is the target of all manner of scams, fraud, and theft attempts. What this means is you cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting your crypto funds. 

Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations?

Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations?

What Would a Cryptocurrency Takeover Look Like?

Cryptocurrency started out on a limp. The first-ever - Bitcoin, only became a hit in the legendary 2017 bull run - 8 years after its launch. But even in the leadup to and after 2017, several cryptocurrencies were introduced that proposed entirely new ways of doing both finance and completely unrelated fields. Think Ethereum and smart contracts, or Monero and ZCash, for unprecedented privacy. These are examples of compelling products for cryptocurrency, which are above and beyond the original idea of a decentralized/peer-to-peer currency. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Blockchain in Philanthropy

Donating to charity brings a heartwarming experience in knowing that you've helped improve someone else's life. It could be a fundraiser to help settle a hospital bill, feed the homeless, or even raise money for environmental causes. But, have you ever stopped and considered where your donations end up?

Why the Blockchain Hype Should End

In the last few years, blockchain technology has been marketed as a game-changing innovation that could change traditional payment and information-recording systems. Indeed, blockchain...

The Race for Africa’s Crypto Market

Facebook's digital currency, Libra, may have hit a wall, but at least it succeeded in bringing cryptocurrencies to the attention of entrepreneurs who work outside the digital asset market. This comes after Bitcoin had a rocky entry into the mainstream, where increased speculative investment led to a regulatory crackdown in 2018 on the back of various crypto scams. 

The Smallest Unit of Argentina’s Currency is Now at Parity With...

The smallest unit of the Argentinian Peso - Argentinian currency, is now at parity with one Satoshi (Sat) - the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Miner 

Bitcoin had come a long way from when it was worth less than a penny when Laslo Hanyecz bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. And although like any cryptocurrency bitcoin has seen its share of wild upsurges and dips, the crypto has since seen a massive rise in value, even hitting the remarkable height of $20,000 in December 2017. And stories are told of the millionaires who made their tidy sum via investing in Bitcoin in that year too. 

Is Blockchain the New Frontier in The Fight against Corruption? 

At its core, blockchain technology aims to resolve issues pertaining to the security and integrity of data. As such, the technology comes at a ripe time - when the general public is losing trust in governments and other central authorities that are entrusted with maintaining records. 

Can Blockchain Redefine e-Commerce and Retail Business? 

It is estimated that the e-commerce space made sales worth more than $3.5 trillion in 2019 alone. It's projected that these sales will rise to $4.9 trillion by 2021, as more online retail stores open shops. This growth comes as no surprise considering the convenience of online shopping.

Forex Vs. Crypto Trading: Which one is a Safer Investment Option? 

In the last few years, both forex and cryptocurrency markets have exploded in popularity as more people seek alternative ways of earning passive income. Forex currency exchange (forex), in particular, has been around for much longer but was initially accessible only to a wealthy class of investors. It was not until a few years ago that forex trading became accessible to all classes of investors, thanks to the proliferation of online brokers. 

Algorithmic Trading Strategies Explained

Algorithmic trading is an advanced form of trading that uses a computer program to automate the process of buying and selling of either stocks, cryptocurrencies, FX currency pairs, options, or futures. Unlike trading assets directly through a broker, algorithm trading is more accurate and result-oriented as it is designed with a predefined set of instructions that guide it on how to execute trades.

Blockchain in the Aviation industry: is it Just a Fad? 

The growth of any industry is pegged on its ability to keep up with evolving technology. For the service industry, it becomes even more important to adopt emerging technologies to improve customer experience. Blockchain is one such emerging technology that is set to catalyze the growth of numerous industries in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution. 

Why Asia Pacific region is on a path to becoming a...

Every revolutionary technology in the history of mankind goes through four distinct stages before achieving widespread penetration. Looking at blockchain through the lens of technological development, the technology can be said to be at its early adoption stage - more than ten years after its invention. That is to say, blockchain has begun taking root, and it's set to spread exponentially though it's still far from full adoption. 

Blockchain Meets Telecommunication Companies 

The telecommunications industry has enjoyed a front-row seat to some of the most exciting developments in the history of technology.

What’s a Whitepaper and How Can You Write One? 

If you have been in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for some time, then you most certainly must have heard of the term whitepaper. It is the reference document that we run to when we want to find out what a crypto project is about. It's the kind of document Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto wrote when he introduced the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the world.

FATF Meets, Travel Rule on the Agenda

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) met on Wednesday (June 24th) to discuss a wide range of topics, from anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, as well as the 'travel rule' that was instituted last year. It was the first time that the FATF meeting was held virtually. 

Crypto Cards Not Working Anymore UK!

PayPal to Allow People to Purchase Crypto

Digital payments company PayPal is planning to start facilitating direct crypto sales to its 325 million of users, per a report by CoinDesk. The publication says it spoke to three people familiar with the issue. 

Why Tokenization is The Future of Real Estate

The real estate market is one of the oldest markets characterized by slow, paper-dependent processes causing significant delays in the change of property ownership. The transactional friction can be blamed on the complex architecture of the market that involves multiple stakeholders, large amounts of money, and numerous regulations that are dependent on jurisdiction. On top of it all, each transaction has to go through myriad middlemen, from the listing agent to banks and everything in between - resulting in unprecedented transaction costs. 

What’s iExec (RLC)? 

Blockchain offers a ton of promises: the ability to create decentralized applications (a new kind of applications that are self-governing and uncensorable) and smart contracts (self-executing, intermediary-free, and low-cost contracts). This presents an opportunity for positive disruption of almost all types of industries: from social media to finance to insurance to prediction markets to online gambling, and many more. 

Is Sharding the Future of Blockchain Systems?

For the past few years, there has been a lot of hype surrounding blockchain - a technology believed to be one of the pillars that will support the 4th industrial revolution. Well, the craze around this revolutionary technology is justified, given the immense benefits it offers to every major industry. To be more specific, data immutability, decentralization, and security; are just some of blockchain's fundamental properties fuelling the interest in this new technology. 

What is Civic (CVC)? The Definitive Guide

The world has advanced in so many ways, but somehow, we constantly have to prove our Identity every other time we need to interact with a new service provider. And on top of that, centralized entities such as governments own our personal identification information. There's also the issue, in underdeveloped countries, of people lacking basic services because they can't prove their Identity. 

What are Airdrops? The Definitive Guide

Cryptocurrency was always a disruptor. It's about disrupting centralized financial systems and handing back the power of money to the people. For this reason, it's hardly a surprise when the space shows the world how to do other things in entirely new ways. 

What is Aragon (ANT)? Here is The Definitive Guide

Since time immemorial, the world has run on centralized systems. But centralization has proven to have its own challenges, such as bureaucracy, slow decision-making processes, and single points of failure. On the other hand, a decentralized model offers room for more timely decisions. And it eliminates a single point of attack. 

Coinbase in a Deal to Sell Crypto Surveillance Tools to US...

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has offered to procure Coinbase Analytics, its analytics platform, to US agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Block broke the story on June 5th. 

How Blockchain is Writing a New Era for Accounting and Auditing...

Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology that supports cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, in particular, is credited as the first cryptocurrency to bring blockchain into the mainstream. But supporting cryptocurrencies is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of this disruptive technology.