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The cryptocurrencies section covers articles about the basics of cryptocurrencies, how wallets work, the different classes of wallets, how to send or receive digital currencies, basic security, the basics of crypto exchanges, anonymity and regulation.
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Ethereum 101: Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum...

Any newcomer in the crypto sphere will soon notice the fuss around Ethereum - being one of the most talked and written about cryptocurrencies and the second most popular after Bitcoin. After breaking out in 2015, Ethereum has inspired not just crypto but the entire tech space for its novel offerings, which showed everyone that blockchain could be used for more than just digital money.
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What is The Difference Between ASICs vs GPU Mining?

After Bitcoin entered the scene 11 years ago, the word mining took a new meaning altogether. Cryptocurrency mining is the mechanism through which new coins are introduced into circulation, and transactions are processed. The appeal of crypto mining is that miners are rewarded with crypto tokens, or transaction fees, depending on the network. While some miners do it for the thrill, others see it as a valid and even full-time investment.
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Bitcoin Mining Pools: Here Is All You Need To Know About...

Any new Bitcoin user will tell you they've heard words like "miners," "mining pools," and "ASICs" being thrown around. But it's not immediately clear what these terms mean, or whatever role they play in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Zilliqa Blockchain: What Is Ziliqa And How Is It Turning Blockchain...

Anyone that's transacted on the Bitcoin blockchain is aware of how long transactions take to be confirmed. In fact, Bitcoin transactions can take anything from 10 minutes to one day, depending on traffic. One of the things a digital currency is supposed to accomplish is speed. This is one goal that's yet to manifest for Bitcoin and, indeed, the majority of blockchains.

Exodus Wallet Review 2020: Is it safe & What are its...

Despite launching its services as recently as  2016, the Exodus Crypto wallet has gained a lot of popularity mainly because it supported multiple currencies and in-app exchange. The crypto wallet is a late entrant into the crypto space, which has mastered the common faults of the established crypto wallets and sought to improve on them. For instance, most crypto wallets that rival Exodus have paid too much attention to the security of their sites at the expense of ease of use. This software wallet seeks to address this by providing one of the easiest sites to use. 

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Review 2020: Is It Safe & What Are...

Jaxx Liberty, a multi-currency wallet, is the updated and feature-rich version of the Jaxx wallet by Decentral Inc. Launched in 2016 as Jaxx Classic wallet, it has, over the years, been subjected to several updates and operational adjustments, which turned it into a cryptocoin ecosystem.

Coinbase Wallet Review 2020: Is It Different Coinbase Exchange?

Coinbase wallet is a standalone crypto vault developed by the San Francisco based tech-startup and one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase. The wallet is online-based and free to all. The wallet has gained over time a reputation and massive following in the crypto industry not just because of its close association with the Coinbase Exchange but also due to its safety, accessibility, and support for numerous digital coins. Coinbase wallet is also is one of the few hot wallets that have never been hacked.

Guarda Crypto Wallet Review: Features, Security, And Ease Of Use

Guarda is a multi-currency non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet launched to the crypto community in 2017. It is developed by Guardarian OÜ Company, a blockchain technology startup based in Estonia. And while Guadarian has come up with several technological products, the Guarda wallet has received the widest reception in the crypto world because of its versatility and security.

Infinito Wallet Review 2020: Features, Cost, Pros And Cons

On the Infinito Wallet website, their mobile app is described as the "Best Crypto Wallet & DAPP Browser." It is created and run by Infinito Blockchain Labs, a technology company registered in The Isle of Man, the U.K. The multi-asset crypto mobile app was launched in 2017 and has leveraged technology to come up with one of the most innovative crypto mobile apps today. The app takes pride in three of its primary features; the support for the widest range of cryptocoins and tokens, a built-in exchange, and support for EOS functions.

BRD Wallet Review 2020: What Are Its Features, Cost, Pros, And...

BRD Wallet is a non-custodial mobile wallet built on the iOS platform. Non-custodial implies that Private keys for your digital assets are held on your mobile device, and not on BRD's servers. The wallet has gained popularity in the recent past, primarily due to its support for anonymous trading, as well as the inclusion of multilayered security features aimed at preserving the integrity and safety of the user's account and private keys.

What is BitTorrent (BTT)?

With blockchain came all manner of possibilities. From the ability to breed virtual cats, to tracking things from source to end. One blockchain project has a big vision: to decentralize the web. This project is Justin Sun's Tron, and it aims to build a cost-effective, global, and digital content-sharing platform. 

How Can the Energy Industry Benefit from Blockchain?

Blockchain is usually perceived as only the building block of the much-hyped virtual currencies. As such, it wouldn't seem like there is much technology can do for the energy industry. After all, what do cryptocurrencies have to do with the process of generating and distributing electrical power?

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are networks that allow merchants to accept Bitcoin and altcoins as means of payment. Through these networks, users from anywhere can purchase products and services from a business that accepts crypto payments, no matter where it's situated across the globe. 

What is Grin?

One of cryptocurrency's biggest selling points is their privacy - the ability to engage in transactions without them being linked to your real-life identity. While this would appear to be the picture on the surface, the reality is that it's still possible for your transacting history to be traced to your real-life identity and open you up to fraud, interference by the state, and other consequences.

Cryptocurrency and Taxes

Days are gone when cryptocurrency was seen as a fringe currency only suitable for criminal activity. The asset class is now more legitimate in the eyes of the public (and some governments) more than ever. Some employers now pay employees with cryptocurrency, plenty of merchants now use cryptocurrency for transactions, and millions hold the e-currency as a digital store of value.

How to Prevent, Detect and Recover from Cryptojacking 

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity and value, they continue to face cyber threats due to their internet-based nature. The most common threats are security breaches targeted at individuals and firms holding significant amounts of digital currencies. 

Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous?

If you were to ask a few people what makes Bitcoin a special internet currency, you'd most certainly hear that "Bitcoin is anonymous." That's because that's the song sung on social platforms and drummed in by the media constantly. 

The Top 5 Smart Contracts Platforms

In its simplest form, a smart contract is a program that verifies and enforces the execution of a contract in a blockchain network. The concept was first proposed by an American computer scientist who is also credited for inventing the first-ever digital currency - Bit Gold. However, the digital coin was never implemented partly due to the 'double-spending' problem. 

Blockchain Crypto Wallet Review: How Safe Is Blockchin Wallet?

On the website, this wallet is described as the “Safest and Most Popular for Investing and Storing Cryptocurrencies.” Launched in 2011, Blockchain wallet has stood the test of time and gained a solid reputation as one of the safest crypto wallets available today. According to their website, over $200 billion has been transacted through 48 million+ Blockchain wallets since its establishment. 

Coinomi Crypto Wallet Review: Is Coinomi The Safest Wallet?

Coinomi is a multicurrency, feature-rich, and security-oriented cryptocurrency wallet app. It was launched in 2014 and has, over the years, gained undergone significant security and operational improvements. These have seen it attract a massive global membership and an unrivaled reputation. On the Coinomi website, the wallet is referred to as the ‘Popular choice’ that’s ‘Trusted by Millions of Users.’

Atomic Crypto Wallet Review: How Safe Is The Atomic Wallet?

Atomic wallet is a decentralized, multi-currency, and feature-rich cryptocurrency vault where crypto enthusiasts can store and exchange digital currencies. It is a multi-platform hot wallet that launched in 2017 under the stewardship of Konstantin Gladych – Changelly co-founder –and Charlie Shrem​ – an American entrepreneur cum Bitcoin advocate and founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

CoolWallet S Crypto wallet review: How cool is CoolWallet S?

CoolWallet S is an innovative crypto vault by CoolBit X that blends the effectiveness of both the hardware and hot wallets to come up with the most secure hybrid crypto wallet. It has both the features of hardware and hot wallet in that it features a portable hardware component in the form of a card that’s then controlled via a crypto app. Each has its individual security measures and won’t function without the other.

What are Pegged Cryptocurrencies? 

The violent price swings witnessed in the crypto market is part of the reason why virtual currencies haven't found favor in the public's eye. While the volatility can result in quick gains, unexpected losses are also inevitable. This explains why digital currencies are more speculative investments than a store of value. It's even harder for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as payment due to their dynamic prices. 

How to Participate in the Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin is the world's first and most successful cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a  decentralized peer-to-peer and cryptographically secured digital currency. The currency went from obscure beginnings to become the most successful asset of the last decade. 

How Can Blockchain Help End Poverty? 

Blockchain has been lauded as an absolute game-changer that could improve society in so many ways. 

Marijuana Cryptocurrencies: Definitive guide

The marijuana and cryptocurrency industries are two industries that each, in its own way, has been battling for recognition since its very inception. Marijuana is still largely seen as a harmful substance that ought to be criminalized, only seeing a bit of legal light recently when states began to recognize it as medically beneficial. Cryptocurrency, on its part, is still very much under the water in terms of mainstream acceptance. 

What is a Bitcoin Mixer? Here is a Detailed Guide

As you transact on the Bitcoin blockchain, sooner or later, you’ll come to realize that while your transactions are not entirely linked to your identity, your Bitcoin address, which is public, and your history of transactions can be used to piece together your real identity. 

18 Cryptocurrency Scams You Need to Know About 

Ten years into their existence, cryptocurrencies are still confusing to users. Combine this with the fact that some smart investors who got in early made a lot of money during the 2017 crypto boom. This has earned the asset class some allure, making them highly lucrative to investors. Also, cryptocurrencies are still largely unregulated. This combination makes them a ripe target for opportunists and fraudsters who have perfected the art of certain scams.

Everything You Need to Know About Gemini Dollar Stablecoin

Cryptocurrencies have all these dazzling features like decentralization, peer-to-peer transactions, and cryptographic security that have made them the darling of investors. The asset class has bucked the trend in these ways, as well as another not so good one, depending on who you're asking: they're prone to dramatic price swings. If you're asking investors, this unpredictability in price is a good thing since it allows them to speculate. 

Blockchain as a Service: The Definitive Guide

Blockchain is the technology that powers the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, the pioneer user of the technology, and the most successful cryptocurrency....

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Review 2020: Features, cost, pros and cons

Electrum Bitcoin wallet is arguably one of the most popular and oldest software wallet currently available. It launched in November 2011, and it is estimated that more than 10% of all bitcoins transactions conducted today involve Electrum bitcoin wallets. Created by Thomas Voegtlin, a German computer scientist, the wallet technology is open-sourced, allowing for consistent developments that make it the most secure software wallet around. The bitcoin-only wallet is feature-rich but can, at times, be said to have prioritized system features over user-friendliness. 

Trezor One Wallet Review 2020: Features, cost, pros and cons

TREZOR has two claims to its massive popularity and influence in the crypto industry. First, it is the pioneer crypto hardware wallet – created in 2014, and secondly, it is developed and distributed by one of the most reputable crypto industry security systems providers – Satoshi Labs. Its influence in the offline crypto storage space is so significant that most of the hardware wallet brands available today have at one time borrowed a leaf from its sleek design or its source code.

Ledger Nano S Wallet Review 2020: Features, cost, pros and cons

Ledger Nano hardware wallets entered the crypto space in 2014. Six years down the line, it has emerged as one of the most reputable crypto hardware developers. And in its line of flagship products are two highly advanced crypto hardware wallets, namely Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. In these reviews, we will be looking at what is arguably their best selling hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S. After the record sale of over 1.4 million units, we want to understand what gives it an edge over the rest of the crypto wallets currently in circulation.

All You Need to Know About USDC 

The idea behind Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was a digital currency that could facilitate payments in a peer-to-peer, secure, trustless, and decentralized environment. But Satoshi Nakamoto probably hadn't foreseen the extreme volatility that would be associated with Bitcoin and indeed the entire crypto market.

MyEther Wallet Review 2020: Features, Fees & Ease Of Use

On their website, MyEther refers to their web-based wallet as ‘Ethereum’s Original Wallet,’ specially designed to help individuals keep their private keys safe and interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Commonly referred to as the MEW Wallet, the open-sourced platform was designed to help crypto investors and traders manage their Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. And despite the fact that it is a hot web-based wallet, it continues to enjoy massive popularity within the crypto community.

What Determines The Price Of One Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most dominant cryptocurrency out of the thousands that exist today. It is the largest in market cap, and it pretty much influences investor sentiment about the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was created by a mysterious developer with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. 

What Is The Impact Of Cryptocurrencies On The Environment?

Cryptocurrencies came, saw, and disrupted the financial space - despite many predictions about their impending doom. They were labeled as a fad and as tools for enabling criminal activities.  But in a rally led by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as legitimate and a force to be reckoned with in the finance space. 

Why you Should Consider Staking Cryptocurrencies

The most popular way to make money in the crypto industry is trading or mining. But recently, the two methods are proving difficult due to unprecedented market trends and the high electric power consumption associated with mining. 

Keepkey Hardware Wallet Review 2020: Is It Safe And Reliable?

On the KeepKey website, this USB-like crypto hardware wallet is described as the ‘next frontier of crypto security.’ But the Keepkey wallet is better known for its sleek design, especially its unique full OLED screen on the side of the USB that’s wide enough to fit the entire crypto address. Notably, the coin has also gained massive popularity by virtue of having Ken Hodler, a renowned crypto industry expert, as its Chief Engineer.

How to Identify a Phony ICO

Every new week we hear of yet another new cryptocurrency being launched. Launching of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) go hand in hand...

What are DAOs and DACs? 

The days are long gone when bitcoin was the hype surrounding blockchain technology. The blockchain space had expanded in ways no one could have envisioned when the technology was still in infancy. One of the most exciting topics in the space right now is that of decentralized autonomous entities. 

How Can Blockchain Improve the Music Industry?

Music is a universal language that connects all of us, regardless of where we come from or what language we speak. Music makes us move and dance and lifts our moods and spirit. But how much do we know about what goes on behind the creative scenes? Unlike the music itself, the goings-on in the music industry are not as harmonious.

What Does it Take to Launch A Successful ICO?

For the last three years, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been compared to the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s. The two are much alike in that they led to significant loss of investors' money. The only difference being that ICOs caused an 85% drop in the crypto market cap, which is steeper than the dot-com's bubble - 78% crash.  

What are CryptoKitties?

-When Satoshi Nakamoto created the blockchain, he had far more far-reaching goals in mind: a secure technology that would power the world’s first cryptocurrency. And indeed, cryptocurrencies are the biggest adoption of blockchain today.

The R3 Corda Project

Many people think that blockchain and distributed ledger technology are the same things. But as you will realize in this article, blockchain is one type of distributed ledger technology. There is no doubt that blockchain outshines all other types of distributed ledgers. After all, blockchain’s first application was Bitcoin – which is, to put it like this: a celebrity digital currency.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: A comprehensive guide

A lot can happen in a decade. And in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a lot has happened – and that’s remarkable, seeing we started using those terms just about ten years ago. From thousands of cryptocurrencies launched to entire organizations coming together to further the blockchain agenda – the industry is growing stronger. 

Is Neo an Ethereum Killer? 

If you’re active in the crypto space, then you’ve definitely heard of Neo, a.k.a Ethereum Killer, a.k.a Ethereum of China. Ethereum seems the common denominator in both tags – probably because the two platforms have so much in common so much that China sees it as the challenger and the Asian equivalent of Ethereum. 

Ethereum Vs Ethereum Classic

Crypto newcomers will immediately notice two types of Ethereum in the space: Ethereum and Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. What they won’t know is the unfortunate story, turned intrigue, that spawned the existence of these two cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, the most popular blockchain after Bitcoin, was forced to split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) in one of the most pivotal events in blockchain and cryptocurrency history. 

Breaking down ZCash

The first-ever blockchain, Bitcoin, is pretty much an open ledger where all and sundry can see your transactions, and those transactions can be traced back to you, if need be. While this level of transparency is partly what endeared many to Bitcoin, it is not amenable to the notions of privacy that are increasingly prevalent in today's world.

Weaknesses of Blockchain

Blockchain, the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, constitutes distributed ledgers shared across nodes (computers) participating in the network. These ledgers record data in a sequential fashion after cryptographically securing it. Once data is recorded on the blockchain, it can’t be deleted. This, among many other features of blockchain, like transparency and being deregulated, has given blockchain tech a revolutionary reputation.