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The cryptocurrencies section covers articles about the basics of cryptocurrencies, how wallets work, the different classes of wallets, how to send or receive digital currencies, basic security, the basics of crypto exchanges, anonymity and regulation.

What Exactly is Botnet Mining?

In recent times, cryptocurrency mining has exponentially increased both as a topic and an activity. All this can be attributed to the surge of crypto in the last few years. 

What’s IRISnet (IRIS)?

Contractual relationships have been part of society since time immemorial. Relationships inherently require trust, and in modern society, trust is costly. From lawyers to intermediaries to hours and hours of verification processes, it's expensive to achieve trust. 

Why is Cryptocurrency Advertising Currently Prohibited?

An advertising ban of cryptocurrencies in social networks and search engines is currently in place. Reasons for the ban, objectives, impact of the restrictions...

All You Need to Know About Contentos (COS)

In today's world, we consume carefully-crafted media content for mass appeal. The creative muses and authenticity of content creators are muffled by the need to make content that will generate the most attention and sales. 

Introducing Cartesi (CTSI) 

Decentralized applications (DApps) are the future of the internet. But the existing blockchain cannot power a decentralized internet - thanks to a lack of scalability and high fees of operations. 

Introducing TomoChain (TOMO)

Ethereum brought a ton of possibilities to the blockchain space. Before it, the world didn't know that blockchain could be used for so much more than a digital currency platform. The Ethereum initiated support for decentralized applications (DApps) - a new kind of applications that are totally free of any kind of centralized control. This means users also have total control over their privacy and data. 

What’s Chromia (CHR)? A Befinner’s Guide

Decentralized applications (DApps) are key to the blockchain revolution. DApps are a new kind of applications that grants more control to users and are not beholden to an owner or any central authority. DApps are possible thanks to blockchain tech. Blockchain is synonymous with decentralization, advanced cryptographic security, and worldwide reach. This presents a ton of possibilities for developers everywhere. 

What’s CocosBCX All About?

The game industry was one of the earliest industries to adopt blockchain tech. And as the years go by, blockchain developers are discovering more frontiers for blockchain applications in the industry. 

What’s Mithril (MITH) All About?

We live in a highly socialized internet age. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have a combined user base of billions. And these users utilize these platforms for the financial benefit of the platform's owners, while they (users) walk away with nothing. This is unfair to users, especially because it's their user-generated content that keeps these platforms alive. 

03 Wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet Yet?

203 crypto wallet launched in 2015 as a mobile crypto app before its developers – 03 Labs – introduced the desktop version in 2018. It is built for the Ontology Network – a Neo Blockchain fork – that was previously grouped alongside NEP-5 crypto projects. It is specially designed to provide Neo platform users with a safe and easy to use platform where they can store, exchange, and monitor their crypto portfolio.

What’s MovieBloc (MBL) All About? 

The film industry is dominated by powerful gatekeepers. These gatekeepers control not just the money but also the airtime. In this setup, small, independent filmmakers and audiences get the short end of the stick. And even the 'mainstream' filmmakers are disadvantaged because they can only create content that caters to a commercial end. And audiences never get to see what could have been if not for these restrictions. 

NEO Wallet Review: Is It The Safest Neo Blockchain Wallet Yet?

Neo wallet is a web-based crypto wallet developed for the Neo Blockchain by the Neo community. According to its developers, the wallet is specially designed and aimed at addressing the three key challenges facing most crypto wallets: ease of use, security, and transaction processing speeds. To achieve this, they ensured that the wallet is ultralight, integrated an easily navigable user interface, and embraced all the critical security and privacy measures.

Coinkite Review: Features, Security Measures, Pros and Cons

Coinkite is an innovative company that has been producing several cryptocurrency-related products. Its dedication to wow crypto enthusiasts has seen them manufacture a range of gadgets, including a hardware wallet, a Bitcoin data visualizer, metal backup plates, and even a Bitcoin server!

What’s DASH All About?

Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, made it possible for individuals to send money in a one-to-one and decentralized fashion. Though this might sound simple, it's quite revolutionary because it gives the average person absolute power over their own finances. This is in sharp contrast with the old centralized system in which banks are in custody of your money - and could decide to freeze it at will. 

Introducing DREP: A Beginner’s Guide

The current setup of blockchains is extremely fragmented, with each individual blockchain existing in an isolated island of sorts. This has severely limited the adoption of blockchain. Another pain point is every blockchain has its own 'adherents' or fans who prefer it over the rest. As a result, developers have to make decentralized applications (DApps) that cater to multiple bases. This promotes further segregation of data and users. 

Introducing Fantom Coin 

Blockchain has facilitated a new era of finance that eliminates centralized entities from the equation. Now, peer-to-peer and highly secure (thanks to cryptographic encryption)...

What’s the Origin Protocol?

In recent years, e-commerce has exploded such that a large number of people shop online more than on physical stores. This is because online shopping provides more diversity, more comparison for prices, gives shoppers more control, and so on. 

Lisk Core Crypto Wallet Review: Is It The Safest LISK Wallet...

Lisk Core crypto wallet is a full node desktop client and one of the most popular wallets for the LISK blockchain. And on their website, LISK Core is described as a highly innovative wallet focusing on both "Best user experience and security." But Lisk Core is more than a crypto wallet and can easily pass for a Lisk Blockchain annex. It not only provides you with a direct link to the LISK blockchain but also integrates the unique App-Builder tools.

Can Blockchain Help the Protection of Human Rights?

Blockchain was created with a new dawn of finance in mind. But more than ten years later, it's proving to be the tech that could finally heal many ills of modern-day society. One of these is the violation of human rights all across the globe. 

What’s the Melon Protocol? 

The professional management of asset funds is nothing new. However, the fund management industry is ineffective due to a lack of standardization across-the-board. This makes operations and auditing processes fairly opaque endeavors - and this does no favor to the industry. Another pain point is the usually high cost of setting up an asset management fund, both timewise and financially. And there's yet another issue - the industry is plagued by outdated infrastructure. This makes room for errors and inefficiencies. 

YEarn DeFi Ultimate Review: Everything you should know in 2020 &...

yEarn is a liquidity aggregator that offers automated yield farming through several lending pools. is one of the most popular yield farming protocols, and it shifts between top DeFi lending protocols like dYdX, Aave, and Compound. 

Introducing Aergo: Beginner’s Guide

Ten plus years after blockchain was introduced, and despite its forward-thinking possibilities, the tech is yet to go mainstream. The reasons are multifold: it's expensive to build, it's too complicated for the average person, and on and on. 

Why Should You Pay with Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin has been around slightly over a decade now. In that span, it has undergone several stages to become the formidable currency we know today. We remember the infamous event when someone paid 10,000 bitcoins for pizzas. Back then, Bitcoin was worth $41 - a sharp contrast to today's value of $11, 645.40. 
Nostalgia Light IOTA wallet

Nostalgia wallet Review: How Safe Is Nostalgia Light Wallet?

Nostalgia Light wallet is a web-based crypto vault that’s specially designed to help IOTA coin holders receive, store, and send IOTA Tokens. Unlike most other IOTA wallets, Nostalgia doesn’t require you to download the full node blockchain to your computer. It is relatively light and provides you with all the features of a full node or GUI wallet without compromising your computer’s storage and RAM. However, for maximum efficiency, the Nostalgia light wallet has to be integrated into an IOTA server that has the Proof of Work (PoW) feature enabled.

GUI Light Wallet Review: Security, Features, And Ease of Use

The GUI light wallet is a highly innovative crypto wallet that stores and helps you manage your IOTA tokens. According to the IOTA foundation, GUI Light is specially designed to provide IOTA altcoin holders with the most user-friendly, simple, and inexpensive way of securing and interacting with their digital assets. The wallet was launched in 2016 and has since been subjected to several upgrades that introduced vital security and operational features.
BitPie Mobile Wallet app

BitPie Wallet Review: How Safe Is This Multi-Blockchain Wallet?

On the official Bitpie website, the crypto wallet app is described as an "industry-leading multi-blockchain wallet" devoted to client funds' safety. Launched in 2015 by Bither – a blockchain technology company – Bitpie markets itself as an easy to use, highly secure, and inclusive crypto platform.
mymonero crypto wallet app

MyMonero wallet Review: How Safe Is This Desktop And Mobile Wallet...

MyMonero is a lightweight desktop and iOS app wallet developed by Monero Project steward, Riccardo Spagni, and the Monero Core Team. It was launched in 2014 as an alternative to Monero GUI – the full node client for Monero blockchain. And it seeks to address some of the challenges faced by Monero GUI users, including slow transaction processing speeds, extended wallet startup times, and drag on your computer memory, storage, and battery life.
ImToken crypto wallet app

ImToken Wallet Review: Is This Multi-Currency Wallet App Safe?

ImToken wallet was created by ConsenLabs and launched in May 2016. And in the past few years, ImToken has morphed into one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets and a favorite for Ethereum and eth-based token holders.

What’s a Bitcoin Node and How To Set One Up

Bitcoin gives people the power to be in control over their own finances. With Fiat currency, you can only spend money. The average citizen has no power or says on the aspects that influence how money is made, how much is circulating, and how it's stored. 
NEM Nano Wallet desktop client

NEM Nano Wallet Review: Security, Fees, Features, Pros, And Cons

NEM Wallet is a desktop client and the official desktop wallet app for the NEM network. This makes it the home for the NEM network’s native cryptocurrency – XEM token – and all other cryptos built using the NEM technology. It is a light version of the NEM wallet and specially designed for the network and XEM token users who do not wish to store and run the full node blockchain on their computer.

Six Cryptocurrency Myths All Traders Should Know About

Cryptocurrency has been rising in popularity lately, but it remains largely misunderstood by many traders to this day. You might have heard some rumors...
Monerujo wallet app

Monerujo wallet Review: What Makes This Android Crypto Wallet App Unique?

Monerujo, the android wallet for Monero, is considered the first-ever open-sourced mobile app that Monero altcoin users can rely on to store and manage their XRM altcoins. And while it is not the official Monero smartphone app, it has been developed by Monero community experts. It also features prominently on the list of best wallet apps recommended by the Monero network developers.

Cryptocurrency Investment Guide: Ripple

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies out there, next to other big options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few others....
NEM Mobile wallet app

NEM Mobile Wallet Review: How Safe Is This NEM Network Crypto...

NEM Mobile wallet is the official smartphone app vault for the New Economy Movement (NEM) network.
Bread Wallet app

Bread Wallet Review: How Safe Is This Crypto Wallet App?

Bread Wallet started as a Bitcoin-only crypto wallet built on the iOS platform. Also known as BRD, Bread wallet was established and launched to the market by BREAD, a Switzerland-based technology company, in 2015. According to their website, the app is focused on privacy, the security of the private keys, and simplicity. In the past few years, the Bread wallet has been subjected to several upgrades that, among other things, ensured it increased the number of supported currencies and introduced the BRD android app.

How to Spot Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency plays a big role in the world of Forex trading. This is because cryptocurrency, or virtual currency, can be used as a funding method for brokerage accounts, or it can be traded as an asset with many different brokerages. Unfortunately, there are many cryptocurrency-based scams out there that savvy forex traders need to be able to spot. We’ve compiled this guide to help point out some of the things you’ll need to look for to avoid being scammed.

GateHub Wallet Review: Is It A Safe Cryptocurrency Wallet Or A...

Gatehub wallet started off in 2014 as a Ripple-specific web-based wallet. In the past five years, however, it has morphed into the more popular Gatehub platform we know today. It not only supports more coins and functionalities but also introduced the Gatehub mobile and desktop apps. 

Litecoin Core Wallet Review: Features, Pros, Cons, Safety, And Ease Of...

Litecoin Core is the primary Full node desktop client of the Litecoin network. It was launched in 2011 by the Singapore-based Litecoin Foundation under the stewardship of Charlie Lee, Richards Franklin, and Xinxi Wang. It is one of the few and most effective full-stack blockchain clients available. It will only support the Litecoin cryptocoins, and you need to download the entire blockchain before you can start using it to store the coins and transact.
Freewallet crypto vault

Freewallet Review: Is It A Safe Cryptocurrency Wallet Or A Scam?

According to their website, Freewallet is specially designed to help you access, manage, and store crypto with ease. It comprises of both individual wallets for specific cryptocurrencies and Freewallet Lite – the multi-currency wallet. Single wallets are available as mobile apps, while the multi-currency wallet is available as a mobile app and a web interface. Some of Freewallet’s key features are its dynamic fee system, support for individual crypto wallets, and the fact that it is custodial.

What’s Polkadot: The Complete Guide

It's the age of the internet. That means we can't avoid using the web, even if we wanted to. But the problem is, by doing so, we have to entrust our data to a handful of powerful corporate entities - who cannot really be trusted to keep it safe. If you have to use an app, you have to agree to terms and conditions that you will probably never read, and even if you did, you'd have little choice than agreeing to. 
Loafwallet crypto vault

Loaf Wallet Review: How Safe And Effective Is This Mobile-Only Crypto...

The Loaf wallet is often described as the official and standalone mobile wallet for Litecoin. It was created and introduced to the crypto industry by Charlie Lee and the Singapore based Litecoin Foundation. And according to the Loaf wallet website, it was established to help Litecoin enthusiasts store and trade Litecoins using their mobile devices. In 2019, however, this mobile-first Litecoin wallet app changed its name to LiteWallet app.

MetaMask Wallet Review 2020: The Most Comprehensive MetaMask review

MetaMask is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet built on the Ethereum blockchain. The MetaMask website refers to it as a ‘crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps’ given that it provides users with an online storage vault as well as an interface to the Ethereum blockchain. However, unlike similar Eth blockchain gateways that require you to download the entire client node to your desktop, MetaMask is relatively lighter. It is a browser extension and does not need you to download the node or app.

What’s Tron (TRX)? Here Is The Definitive Guide

Tron is one of the most controversial projects in the blockchain and crypto space. Despite not offering anything radically different from its contemporaries, Tron has managed to stay ahead of the competition by creating a fanfare campaign that's often drawn criticism and what's a larger-than-life persona behind it - founder Justin Sun. 

What’s a Bitcoin ATM? 

Bitcoin has proved to be a major force to reckon with in the world of finance. It's no surprise, therefore, that thousands of businesses have cropped up all over the world to support it. One of these is the rather unexpected Bitcoin ATMs. Unexpected because Bitcoin is supposed to be a digital-only currency, and also the massive security concerns usually associated with it. 
Opendime Bitcoin hardware wallet

Opendime Hardware Wallet Review 2020: Is This The Safest Bitcoin Hardware...

On their website, Opendime is referred to as the "World's First Bitcoin Credit stick wallet." The highly innovative and minimalistic USB stick allows users to load Bitcoins onto the wallet and physically pass them to other users multiple times. It deviates from the traditional security protocols used by both software and hardware wallets.

What’s Balancer (BAL) All About? 

DeFi is currently the hottest thing in the crypto space, thanks to DeFi protocols that challenge everything we know about money. Smart cryptocurrency investors are rushing to DeFi platforms to passively earn money, trade with the best prices, and find ways to multiply their portfolio. 
LiteVault crypto wallet

LiteVault Wallet Review 2020: Features, Pros, Cons, and Fees

LiteValut is a Litecoin-specific web wallet. It was developed and introduced to the crypto industry by an anonymous crypto developer referred to as ‘Someguy123.’ Apart from its close association with the Litecoin blockchain, Litevault hosts unique operational and security features. Questions are, however, abound with regards to the safety of the web wallet given that it is not regulated, it is developed and maintained by anonymous entities, and stores its client’s private keys in company servers.

Introducing THORChain (RUNE)

-The idea of crypto is for it to be a decentralized and trustless currency. But since crypto became an idea, users have never been able to exchange it in a decentralized and trustless manner. Today's cryptocurrency exchanges are just like legacy financial exchanges: centralized, custodial, and prone to regulatory interference. If the means through which users exchange cryptocurrency is centralized, then cryptocurrency is far from reaching its ideal status. 

What’s (KAVA)?

In a fast-developing DeFi landscape, new projects are being launched that defy the very concepts of traditional finance. After all, that's what decentralized finance is all about - the idea that the rules can be made by the average people and not just by the government and powerful entities.

What’s Elrond Blockchain About?

Blockchain is a brilliant idea. It gives people the reins to be in charge of their own finance because it's peer-to-peer and, refreshingly, no authority is calling the shots. This is enormously important because unlike traditional money, the state/bank cannot freeze your funds at will.