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This Educational Library will cover every subject related to the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin will have its unique place as the leading digital currency. We will take a particular interest in themes associated with the top ten coins and tokens; also, articles covering new digital technologies and advancements in DLT technologies. All aspects of the technology such as security, anonymity, wallets, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies will also be covered.cryptocurrencies will also be covered.

eToro Wallet Review: How It Works, Key Features, & Supported Currencies

eToro is one of the safest and most popular cryptocurrency wallets. It is availed freely to all eToro trading account holders and is specially designed to hold several crypto coins. It also facilitates the transfer or redemption of crypto coins on different crypto trading platforms and exchanges. Some of the key factors contributing to its rich reputation include its exceptional security, sophisticated design that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, its highly competitive charges, and the fact that that it has the backing of the most reputable online trading platform.

Should You Be Trading Ripple?

Although Ripple often finds itself labeled as a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is important for investors to understand that Ripple extends beyond...
Citowise crypto wallet

Citowise Crypto Wallet Review: Features, Safety, Pros and Cons?

If you are looking for a free and secure cryptocurrency wallet/payment solution provider, consider Citowise. This multi-currency crypto wallet premiered as a free digital...

BTC.Com Wallet Review: What Makes This Crypto Wallet App Unique?

Developed and maintained by Bitmain, is a crypto wallet app and web wallet that seeks to provide users with the most secure yet easy to use crypto storage. This online wallet has made it relatively easy to earn, store, and spend your Bitcoin without having to worry about the insecurities that come with storing your crypto in an exchange or the complicated interfaces of the hardware wallets.

Stargazer – A Rookie-Friendly Crypto Wallet

Is Stargazer a good wallet? Is it secure? Is it easy to use? Well, read on to find out.

CoinPayments Crypto Wallet Review: Features, Safety, Pros and Cons?

CoinPayments claims to be the best wallet cum payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and has integrated a wide range of both operational and security features that back up this claim. Whether you are looking to pay for goods and services using crypto, want to invest in digital assets, or simply exchange one crypto for another, CoinPayments is designed to meet these needs. It supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including all the ERC20 tokens.

Copay Bitcoin Wallet Review: How Does It Work And Is It...

Copay was developed by BitPay Inc. and introduced to the crypto industry in 2015. Its aim? To provide Bitcoin traders and enthusiasts with a single wallet that gives them absolute control over their funds. It is free and developed using open-sourced technology and is highly versatile. Key features that make this crypto wallet highly unique include its versatility and support for multiple operating systems, the fact that it is Bitcoin-specific, light, and highly transparent.

Zcash Wallet: Features, fees Security and more

Let's be clear -  Zcash is both the name of a cryptocurrency (ZEC) and a wallet. This review is about the wallet.

What’s Aave (LEND)? A Beginner Guide

With blockchain came the concept of finance that's outside the control of the state and government. Cryptocurrencies have been the rage these past few years. But now a bolder and fresher idea is emerging, and it's called decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi is the notion that the people have the power, and they don't have to trust traditional finance systems to make the calls. 

Blockstream Green Wallet Review: What Makes This Crypto Wallet App Unique?

The Blockstream Green crypto wallet was developed by Lawrence Nahum and Jerzey Kozera of Green Address Inc. It was introduced to the crypto industry in 2013. But would, in 2016, be acquired by Blockstream, yet another blockchain technology company and renamed to Blockstream Green wallet.

What’s All About?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two emerging techs that can no longer be ignored. By enabling trustless, immutable, and decentralized financial solutions, blockchain is laying the foundation for a new generation of better and inclusive financial applications. 

What’s Matic (MATIC) All About?

Blockchain tech has proven to the world that it's a force to reckon with. It has powered thousands of cryptocurrencies that have shaken the finance world to the core. Multiple industries are scrambling to integrate the tech to benefit from the remarkable characteristics of decentralization, immutability, and radical transparency.

What’s Yield Farming?

The newest and hottest DeFi trend in town is 'yield farming.' And no, it has nothing to do with rain and crops and granaries. Instead, 'DeFiers', or DeFi fans, have latched onto the metaphor to describe interest or 'yield' that's achieved when they put to use crypto assets such as Dai, USDC, and USDT into DeFi platforms such as Compound. 

Best Security Token Issuance Platforms 

Thanks to blockchain, asset tokenization is now a possibility. This is the process of converting the ownership rights of real-world assets into digital rights on the blockchain. Assets are tokenized to improve their market liquidity, and also to open up your asset to a global market through the power of blockchain. 

BC Vault Hardware Wallet In-Depth Review: Is It The Most Secure...

Designed by Real Security, a Slovenia-based firm, BC Vault (short for Bitcoin Vault) is a relatively new hardware wallet that provides you with a safe way to store your cryptocurrencies. It is one of the most unique and most innovative hardware wallets we have come across. It seeks to replace some of the most common aspects of a hardware wallet with more secure and highly innovative features.

A Guide to DeFi Investing

DeFi. The newest buzzword in blockchain and crypto. What is it, and why should you pay attention? You should because it's an exciting new...

Cobo Vault Review: Is It The Safest Hardware Crypto Wallet Ever...

Cobo Vault is arguably one of the most secure hardware wallets currently available. Created by blockchain expert Lixin Liu, Cobo Vault features a host of premium security features that give it an edge over the competition. These include open sourcing its software, disabling wireless connections to the wallet, and enclosing it in a military-grade casing that's both water and shock-proof. According to Liu, the device that's dedicated to the Western Markets was designed with the aim of providing the safest, yet easy to use, hardware wallet.

Why the United States Senate is Mulling over Digitizing the Dollar

About two years ago, the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), particularly in the United States, seemed far away in the future. Sure, there have been several studies exploring the implementation and use cases of CBDCs, but to the average person, the concept was still unclear. Fast forward two years, the Senate Banking Committee tabled a bill known as "Banking For all Act" that seeks to digitize the U.S.U.S. dollar. 

What’s Bitcoin Gold? 

One of the bargaining points for Bitcoin is its decentralization. Which means it's not controlled by a central authority such as a bank or government. On that front, Bitcoin has it covered. However, there's another entirely different front that the cryptocurrency has in recent years struggled with. Powerful mining machines and entities have taken over mining in the Bitcoin network, effectively locking out miners of more modest means. This is hardly what Satoshi Nakamoto had in mind when he created the peer-to-peer, electronic, and decentralized currency system. 

Gold Vs Bitcoin: Which one is a Better Long-term Investment?

The most striking difference between gold and Bitcoin is that the former is a tangible asset. At the same time, the latter is an...

What’s EOS? A Beginner’s Guide

The first (Bitcoin) and second (Ethereum) generation blockchains each brought groundbreaking innovations in the blockchain space. Bitcoin pioneered the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency - completely changing the face of finance. Ethereum took the idea of blockchain and expanded it to include smart contracts and decentralized applications. 

 Who is Vitalik Buterin?

The name Vitalik Buterin is perhaps the most recognized in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, after Bitcoin's pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Buterin, 26, is one of the people who has made groundbreaking contributions to this space. He pretty much changed the face of cryptocurrency and blockchain by introducing Ethereum - a tour de force that unleashed the true power of blockchain. 

What’s Chainlink (LINK) All About? 

Today's blockchains exist in isolation from each other and the outside world. This significantly limits their potential to achieve mainstream adoption. For blockchain to reach maximum potential, it needs to be able to interact with the outside world. 

What’s Ren (REN)? Here Is a comprehensive Guide

A few years ago, cryptocurrencies were derided as a fad, and Bitcoin was called a bubble that would burst sooner or later. Those predictions...

What’s Dogecoin (DOGE) Exactly?

The cryptocurrency space is filled with ambitious projects, each posing as the next big thing after Bitcoin. But once in a while, the community...

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Everyone has heard of folks that became millionaires from Bitcoin trading. Of course, trading Bitcoin is no guarantee that you're going to wake up super rich. It takes smart calculation and healthy doses of patience to realize a tangible ROI. 

What’s Ravencoin (RVN) All About? 

Blockchain opens up a ton of possibilities for the world. One of them is creating a token for any purpose, and having the ability to transfer it to other users in a safe, peer-to-peer, and decentralized fashion. 

A Look at Bitcoin Derivatives – Futures, Perpetual Swaps and Options

The key to Bitcoin's allure as an investment is its price fluctuations. The fluctuations give investors the choice to buy when the price is...

Top 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets

Did you know that Bitcoin is not anonymous? Yes, your public address can be used to link your transactions with your real identity. This is obviously,  not ideal because if it happens, an attacker will stop at nothing to hack your account. And at this point, you already know that crypto is the target of all manner of scams, fraud, and theft attempts. What this means is you cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting your crypto funds. 

What’s Request(REQ) All About?

When you think of what blockchain can do for payments today, you can't help but notice the flaws inherent in current payment models, from data breaches to fraud and error-prone transactions, to incredibly high fees, especially for cross-border transactions. Blockchain, aided by its decentralized and immutable features, can help dramatically improve how things are done in the payments industry. 

What’s Nimiq (NIM)? Here Is Your Guide

Cryptocurrency's original idea was a peer-to-peer currency that individuals could interact with without the need for third parties. But evidently, that hasn't quite worked...

Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations?

Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations?

What’s Blockstack (STX)?

The internet has proved to be something of a necessary evil. Thanks to the world wide web, we can now have interactions with other people from all corners of the globe and get information right on our fingertips about events unfolding in the world. All this is enabled by remote servers. Cloud computing, which offers on-demand computing resources, is an evolution of the basic internet model. Today, cloud computing allows users to store private data, run applications, manage applications' access control, and a lot more.

What Would a Cryptocurrency Takeover Look Like?

Cryptocurrency started out on a limp. The first-ever - Bitcoin, only became a hit in the legendary 2017 bull run - 8 years after its launch. But even in the leadup to and after 2017, several cryptocurrencies were introduced that proposed entirely new ways of doing both finance and completely unrelated fields. Think Ethereum and smart contracts, or Monero and ZCash, for unprecedented privacy. These are examples of compelling products for cryptocurrency, which are above and beyond the original idea of a decentralized/peer-to-peer currency. 

Crypto Synthetic Assets Explained 

Generally, synthetic assets, also known as derivatives, refers to a mixture of assets that reflect the value of another asset. In a traditional market, synthetic assets consist of various financial products such as futures, options, and swaps whose value is tied to an underlying asset - either stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or interest rates.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Blockchain in Philanthropy

Donating to charity brings a heartwarming experience in knowing that you've helped improve someone else's life. It could be a fundraiser to help settle a hospital bill, feed the homeless, or even raise money for environmental causes. But, have you ever stopped and considered where your donations end up?

Why the Blockchain Hype Should End

In the last few years, blockchain technology has been marketed as a game-changing innovation that could change traditional payment and information-recording systems. Indeed, blockchain...

Can GDPR and Blockchain Coexist? 

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect more than two years ago. The law gives residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), power over their personal data and how it is used by organizations. This includes the right to ask for its erasure, the mandate for informed consent, and right over whom that information is shared with. The law applies not just to organizations based in (EEA), but also those based in other countries while serving European residents. 

The Race for Africa’s Crypto Market

Facebook's digital currency, Libra, may have hit a wall, but at least it succeeded in bringing cryptocurrencies to the attention of entrepreneurs who work outside the digital asset market. This comes after Bitcoin had a rocky entry into the mainstream, where increased speculative investment led to a regulatory crackdown in 2018 on the back of various crypto scams. 

Forex to Crypto Trading: Making the Transition

Have you noticed how each and every post, podcast, and video out there focus only on one form of trading? If you happened to...

What’s Sim Swapping and How Can You Protect Yourself

As technology advances, so do many things alongside it. Merely a decade ago, no one could have fathomed the possibility of an attacker robbing...

The Smallest Unit of Argentina’s Currency is Now at Parity With...

The smallest unit of the Argentinian Peso - Argentinian currency, is now at parity with one Satoshi (Sat) - the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 

What’s Gnosis: The Complete Guide

Prediction markets have existed since the early 90s. Now, they're poised to become the next disruptor in the information revolution. However, the current prediction markets exist in centralized platforms where the owners regulate information and have the power to censor participants' contributions. Moreover, centralized prediction markets have a single point of attack. 

Will Cryptocurrencies Be Able to Destabilize FIAT Money?

The assumption in some quarters is that cryptocurrencies will replace gold as money, or at least challenge it. This is a mistake that comes...

Most Important Cryptocurrencies Apart From Bitcoin

As the most popular and successful cryptocurrency, Bitcoin enjoys most of the spotlight. For this reason, it's easy for most people to think that cryptocurrency is synonymous with Bitcoin. Indeed, a YouGov study reported 75% of US adults knew about Bitcoin, while other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum were each known by less than 30% of the population. 

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Miner 

Bitcoin had come a long way from when it was worth less than a penny when Laslo Hanyecz bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. And although like any cryptocurrency bitcoin has seen its share of wild upsurges and dips, the crypto has since seen a massive rise in value, even hitting the remarkable height of $20,000 in December 2017. And stories are told of the millionaires who made their tidy sum via investing in Bitcoin in that year too. 

Introducing Beam (BEAM): What Is It All About

With widely touted claims of anonymity and privacy, many Bitcoin users believed the currency's transactions to be anonymous. But in recent times, that belief is being shattered as more users realize that their transactions can be linked back to them. Anyone with enough resources and use blockchain analysis to track down who initiated what transaction and the end receiver of that transaction. 

Introducing AXIA: Here Is a Detailed Guide

These days, it's almost impossible to go a day without seeing another blockchain headline. And that's because it's one of the hottest technologies of...