Comparing Commission Fees of USA Forex Brokers: Which is the Most Affordable?

Comparing Commission Fees of USA Forex Brokers: Which is the Most Affordable?

When it comes to trading in the forex market, one of the key considerations for traders is the commission fees charged by brokers. These fees can significantly impact a trader’s profitability and therefore it is essential to find a broker that offers competitive rates. In the United States, there are several forex brokers that cater to traders and offer different commission fee structures. In this article, we will compare the commission fees of some popular USA forex brokers to determine which one is the most affordable.

Before delving into the comparison, it is important to understand the different types of commission structures offered by forex brokers. The most common types are spread-based commissions and per-lot commissions. Spread-based commissions are calculated based on the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. This commission is embedded within the spread, which is the difference between these two prices. On the other hand, per-lot commissions are charged per trade and are fixed regardless of the trade size.


One of the well-known USA forex brokers is TD Ameritrade. They offer a commission-free trading structure, which means they do not charge any per-lot commissions. Instead, they make money through the spreads. TD Ameritrade’s average spread for major currency pairs is around 1.5 pips, which is relatively competitive compared to other brokers. However, it is important to note that the spreads can vary depending on market conditions and liquidity.

Another popular USA forex broker is They offer a hybrid commission structure, which means they charge a combination of spread-based and per-lot commissions. For their standard account, charges an average spread of around 1.3 pips for major currency pairs. In addition to the spread, they also charge a commission of $5 per lot traded. This commission fee is relatively low compared to some other brokers, making an affordable option for traders.

OANDA is another well-established forex broker in the United States. They offer a commission-free trading structure similar to TD Ameritrade. OANDA makes money through the spreads, which are competitive and start from as low as 0.9 pips for major currency pairs. Unlike TD Ameritrade, OANDA also offers a premium account option called the “fxTrade Pro” account. This account charges a commission of $2 per lot traded, but in return offers tighter spreads starting from 0.1 pips. This makes OANDA a suitable choice for traders looking for both commission-free and commission-based options.

One more USA forex broker worth considering is Interactive Brokers. They offer a tiered commission structure where the commission fee decreases as the trading volume increases. For forex trades, Interactive Brokers charges a commission of 0.20 basis points (0.0020%) per trade value with a minimum fee of $2.00 per order. This commission structure can be cost-effective for high volume traders, but may not be as attractive for low volume traders.

After comparing the commission fees of these USA forex brokers, it is evident that each broker has its own unique fee structure. The most affordable broker depends on the trading style and volume of the individual trader. For low volume traders, TD Ameritrade or OANDA with their commission-free structures might be more suitable. On the other hand, high volume traders might find Interactive Brokers’ tiered commission structure more cost-effective. and OANDA’s premium account options also provide flexibility for traders who are willing to pay a commission for tighter spreads.

In conclusion, when comparing commission fees of USA forex brokers, it is important for traders to consider their individual trading style and volume. Each broker offers a different fee structure, whether it is commission-free trading, spread-based commissions, or per-lot commissions. By understanding these fee structures and comparing them, traders can find the most affordable broker that suits their needs and maximizes their profitability in the forex market.


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