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CentoBot Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software Review

CentoBot was created in 2017 to automatically trade forex and cryptocurrencies. The name of the actual developer or information about the company behind this robot is kept a secret from customers, so it isn’t clear whether the robot was designed by an individual trader or corporation. 


CentoBot is comprised of software that places automated trades on the user’s behalf. This system works with both forex currency pairs, alongside cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. Here are a few more facts about the software:

  • Works with currency pairs and cryptocurrency
  • The platform can be used to design your own trading robot with preferred settings 
  • Advertised profit percentage of 297% 
  • Users select which robot to use based on a desired level of income

On the downside, CentoBot’s website does not provide very much detail about the way that the robot trades or the ways that it minimizes losses for users. It seems as though you can choose from multiple robots once you’ve opened an account, each of which provides a different income level and supposedly uses different types of strategies. There just isn’t any information to back this up, so we have to rely on the product’s word that it makes trading decisions based on this. 

Service Cost

You’ll need to deposit at least $250 into your trading account for this product to work, however, all three of the current options on the website’s suggested broker list require $500 minimum deposits. You have to choose one of these options when registering for an account, so it seems as though the $500 deposit is absolutely necessary. Technically, the software is free, which is a plus when compared to the cost of many other automated trading robots that are on the market. Although a demo is available, information suggests that it is only a one-minute long video that shows the robot in a number of winning trades


We know that CentoBot is an automated trading robot that works with forex and cryptocurrency options with a high advertised profit percentage, but the website doesn’t disclose many more details. We were left feeling a little apprehensive, considering that we only have loose facts about the way the robot trades and zero details about how the system works to minimize losses.

If you want to try this robot, the good news is that the product is technically free, although you’ll need to open a trading account and deposit at least $500 with one of the supported brokerages. Our final opinion is that this robot might be profitable, but we would suggest proceeding with caution and keeping a close eye on your profits and losses until you can trust it completely.


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