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Risk, Reward, and Profitability

The Nature of Risk and Opportunity Trading literature is filled with vast amounts of information about market knowledge: fundamentals, Central Banks, events, economic developments and technical analysis. This information is

XAUUSD long term short signal

Monthly and Weekly charts essential for determining an intraday bias. In order to identify a bias, a thorough analysis must be done using as little analysis as possible. Simple is

EURAUD short Signal

Fantastic conditions have been met for a short signal on the EURAUD pair. [caption id="attachment_12542" align="aligncenter" width="600"] EURAUD[/caption] Price is currently a few days before a pivot in time

April 25 – Global Stocks Slips as Bond Yields Rises above...

S&P 500 - Daily Outlook The U.S. stock market index SPX is trading at 2,631.25, down -4.25 points and -0.17%. Recalling our previous update, the index was

German government cuts its growth forecast for 2018

Hot Topics: German government cuts its growth forecast for 2018. FTSE 100 falls dragged by mining sector stocks. German government cuts its growth forecast for 2018. The German government reduced

US-China trade war eases

News comentary US-China trade tensions ease as the US is set to send a delegation to Beijing for negotiations next week. Details are still awaited from Trump on an Chinese

Centralized Exchanges And Decentralized Exchanges

Introduction In this editorial we are going to discuss decentralized exchanges, why they exist or why are they going to exist, what are the advantages, what aren’t people still using

Time for a new Correction

Hot Topics: Is it time for a new Indexes' correction? US Dollar can't continue its rally against their main pairs. Is it time for a new Indexes' correction? The FTSE

Daily Market Update: Bond Yields approach 3%

News Dollar bulls looking for a breakout are finally finding support from U.S. interest rates as Treasury yields rise toward high levels since 2014. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury

April 23 – S&P500 & Nikkei Dips on Rising U.S Treasury...

    S&P 500 - Technical Outlook At the moment, the US stock market index SPX is trading right above a strong support level of 2,660, and a

Markit PMI release: Eurozone growth stays lower, and the US rises...

Hot Topics: Markit PMI release: Eurozone growth stays lower, and the US

Weekly Update:markets on a positive evolution

Weekly Update / April 23rd – 27th Macroeconomic Outlook Last week closed positively since both indexes closed positively due mainly to: Strong Quarterly Results from companies Less relevance in regards

Daily market update: Oil prices spikes up again

Overall Oil prices kept surging on Thursday after Saudi Arabia announced that it would be happy to see prices hit between $80 and $100 per barrel. The comment was a

April 23 – 27: Top 2 Setups to Watch This Week...

In this update, we will discuss fundamentals & technical setups, that are worth watching during the coming week. On Friday, the US dollar climbed to a two-week high vs. a

The Positive Data Reported in Canada could support a rate hike...

Hot Topics: The positive data reported in Canada could support a rate hike soon.  The Greenback rally continues. FTSE maintain the bull trend, DAX waits for ECB meeting? Positive data

EURUSD forecast for week of April 22nd, 2018

EURUSD I am using Renko to analyze the current price action of the EURUSD pair. Renko very clearly shows the price action by reducing the 'noise' that Japanese candlesticks can

Daily market update: eyes on Canada CPI

News Traders are going to focus on Canada CPI, which indicates much about inflation level. The forecast estimates are  0.4% while the previous result was 0.6%. Two days ago the

US Dollar Climbs Against Its Pairs

FOREX WEEKLY FORECAST Hot topics: FTSE could make a new shoulder before it sees more upsides. US Dollar climbs against its pairs. ADP Nonfarm Employment in Canada raises. The FTSE

Daily market overview: New Zealand CPI rose

  News headlines The consumer's price index rose 0.5% in the three months, while annual inflation was 1.1% The result was higher than expected with 0.4% The Reserve Bank has

Market Update: BoC Keeps its Overnight Rate Target Unchanged

BoC release The bank of Canada has released its  overnight rate, keeping it at the same level with 1.25% As all economists had recently expected that rate to remain unchanged.

CAD slides in the aftermath of the BoC statement

In today's meeting, Bank of Canada (BoC) left its interest rate unchanged, in line with expectations. It seems that overall approach of the BoC is wait-and-see, especially with respect to

CPI in Great Britain

CPI in Great Britain Consumer price index has risen 2.5% in annual terms. This was surprising because 2.7% was expected. Although the intention is to reach 2%, this rapid drop

Daily market overview: busy day

Events and Volatility A rise in volatility is expected to take place today as many announcements are going to be published Wednesday's main focus will be the Bank of Canada’s


UK CPI The United Kingdom CPI will be released today. As always, we expect a strong movement in the price of the pound sterling. It is usual for the price

EZ Economic Sentiment Plunges To Its Lowest Level Since 2016

Hot Topics: EZ Economic Sentiment plunges to the lowest level since 2016. Pound falls after unemployment rate release. Dow continues advancing with all eyes on the 25,000 pts level.

March 17th GBPUSD Anaylsis

GBPUSD (click to maximize resolution) The GBPUSD pair has experienced some significant uptrend moves over the past seven trading days. Yesterday certainly saw the greatest gain over that seven day

Market outlook update: The euro under some selling pressure

News Events The Swiss Franc is within striking distance of what was once one of the most heavily defended boundaries in global markets. Policy makers may start to think about

Consolidation In The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies have been stagnant and without many big moves to either side. The reason for that is the uncertainty abbot what happens on the tax day. We see less movement

Daily Market overview: Currency Devaluation Game

  News Events President Trump accused China and Russia of depreciating their currencies, breaking from his own administration’s view that no major trading partners are currency manipulators. Trump took to

Dollar Index Drops, Sterling jump to its max, Wall Street is...

Hot Topics. Dollar Index drops despite the increase in Retail Sales (MoM) in March. Sterling strikes the highest level of the year for a second time. Japanese Cabinet says the

Is The USD Poised To Drop Further?

The US Dollar remains under selling pressure versus the other major currencies, even if the Federal Reserve has decided to increase the Federal Funds Rate again in March. The greenback

Review for Dollar volatility

Daily events U.S. Retail Sales Rebound in Sign Consumer Weakness is Transitory U.S. retail sales rose by more than expected in March in the first gain in three months, suggesting

Opposing forces drive the markets in the upcoming week

Weekly Update Regarding fundamentals, we are expecting opposing forces drive the markets in the upcoming week. Volatility has sparked bearing in mind the recent intervention of the USA in Syria.

market overview for US index & pairs

News No need to say that that the hour talk now is about hitting Syria by US, France, & Great Britain Of course, there’s a lot of action going on

What kind of trigger could boost the Dollar?

Hot Topics: What kind of trigger could boost the Dollar? Will the Eurozone continue to bring weaker economic data? Could the UK CPI have reached their peak? Fear of a

Euro Plunges on Weak European Industrial Production data

Hot Topics: Euro plunges by weak European Production Industrial Data. The Pound is near to our control zone. Bank of Japan's Sakura Report: household spending and robust exports are aiding

Source Evaluation Template For The Cryptocurrencies Market

Cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy stage. That means that the industry around it is too. People all around the world are jumping at the opportunity to take the

Dolar Index closes bearish helped by mixed CPI data

Hot Topics: Dolar Index closes bearish helped by mixed CPI data. EUR-USD is losing momentum. Manufacturing Production (YoY) falls, and pound closes slightly upward. BoJ - Kuroda keeps the promise

Volatility moves towards Europe

Hot Topics: S. Core PPI (YoY) reaches the highest level since 2012. Volatility moves towards Europe. The pound rally continues due to the weakness of the dollar. Jinping reduces risks

U.S. Core PPI (YoY) reaching its highest level since 2012

Hot Topics: S. Core PPI (YoY) reaches the highest level since 2012. Volatility moves towards Europe. The pound rally continues due to the weakness of the dollar. Jinping reduces risks

Tit-for-tat weighs heavy on the markets

A difficult week It has been another difficult week in the markets, and this has been primarily down to the difficulty in assessing what the trade standoff between the US

Business survey of the Bank of Canada is optimistic

    Hot Topics: Business survey of the Bank of Canada is optimistic. How much could it cost to Facebook, the loss of users confidence? Dollar Index the weakness remains..

The Power Of Compounding

  Novice traders enter the Forex markets with the illusion of becoming independent and wealthy. And they may be right. So why 95% of forex traders fail? After no trading

US Trade Balance Deficit Reaches the Highest Level Since December 2008

Hot Topics: US Trade Balance deficit reaches the highest level since December 2008. PMI Markit Composite of the Eurozone shows signs of a slowdown. PMI UK Services falls to the

The Trade War could benefit South American Producers

DAILY UPDATE Released: 5th April 2018. Hot Topics: The trade war could benefit South American producers. The unemployment rate of European Union falls to 8.5%. Climatic factor impacts on

FOMC Statement- March 2018

The information received by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), since its meeting in January, has shown signs of further strengthening of the labour market and economic activity has been

Monetary Policy Statements of Bank of Japan 2017

  Category: Fundamental Analysis, Intermediate, Currencies, economic cycles, Monetary Policy, Economy, Macroeconomics, Central Banks. Key Words: Central Banks, Monetary Policy, Bank of Japan. Tags:  Macroeconomy, BoJ, Monetary policy, 2017. At

Financial Report Bank of Japan 2017

The Bank Of Japan Financial System Report The Bank of Japan publishes the Financial System Report twice a year in order to assess the stability of the Japanese financial system

Trump Announces He Will Impose Tariffs On Steel And Aluminium Imports

Hot Topics: EURUSD - Trump announces he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. AUDUSD - Australian mining companies on alert for Trump tariffs. Main currencies daily performance. EURUSD

Japan’s Economic Outlook

Japan’s economic outlook Category: Fundamental analysis, Intermediate, Currencies, economic cycles, Monetary Policy, Economy, Macroeconomics, Central Banks. Key Words: Central Banks, Monetary Policy, Bank of Japan, Projections. At each meeting of